Brandon R. McFadden

Assistant Professor 


Dr. McFadden's research tends to focus on consumer behavior, food choice, and attitudes towards contemporary agriculture production. He currently teaches two courses, AEB 3300 Agricultural & Food Marketing and AEB 4325 Contemporary Issues in Agribusiness, every Fall and Spring.

Classes Taught

  • AEB 3300 Agricultural & Food Marketing
  • AEB 4325 Contemporary Issues in Agribusiness

Selected Work

  •  “Neural Activations Associated with Decision-Time and Choice in a Milk Labeling Experiment.” American Journal of Agricultural Economics, forthcoming. Crespi, J.M., J.L. Lusk, J.B.C. Cherry, L.E. Martin, B.R. McFadden, and A.S. Bruce.
  • “What Consumers Don't Know about GM Food and How that Affects Beliefs.” Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology Journal, forthcoming. McFadden, B.R., and J.L. Lusk.
  • “Cognitive Biases in the Assimilation of Scientific Information on Global Warming and Genetically Modified Food.” Food Policy (2015) 54:35-43. McFadden, B.R., and J.L. Lusk.
  • "Can Neural Activation in Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex Predict Responsiveness to Information? An Application to Egg Production Systems and Campaign Advertising." PLOS ONE (2015) 10(5):0125243. McFadden, B.R., J.L. Lusk, J.M. Crespi, J.B.C. Cherry, L.E. Martin, R.L. Aupperle, and A.S. Bruce.
  • "Which Biotech Foods are Most Acceptable to the Public?" Biotechnology Journal (2015) 10:13-16. Lusk, J.L., B.R. McFadden, and B.J. Rickard.

Works in Progress

  • “Who Disagrees with Scientists? Public beliefs about the Safety of Genetically Modified Food and Human Involvement in Global Warming.” McFadden, B.R.
  • “Neural Antecedents of Attribute-Based Demand: An fMRI Investigation of Consumer Choice among Eggs Varying by Price and Type of Housing.” Lusk, J.L., J.M. Crespi, B.R. McFadden, J.B.C. Cherry, L.E. Martin, and A.S. Bruce.
  • “Bayesian Updating of Recommended Optimal Nitrogen Application Rates from Optical Reflective Measurements.” McFadden, B.R., and B.W. Brorsen.
  • “What Consumers Don’t Know about GM Food and How that Affects Beliefs.” McFadden, B.R., and Jayson L. Lusk.