Zahra Tayebi

PhD Student

Zahra is a Ph.D. student in Food and Resource Economics at the University of Florida. She received her second Master’s in Agricultural Economics from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Zahra earned several awards and scholarships during her graduate school. Before she started her graduate education in UNL, she was a lecturer at Payame Noor University. Zahra’s primary research interests lie in how the inflow of foreign workers affects agricultural markets in the host country. The second area of her research is price and demand analysis and consumption patterns across different countries. She uses advanced econometrics methods including, panel time-series and nonlinear econometrics methods.

Working Paper

  • Drought and Agricultural Productivity in the Greater Middle East, (with L. Fulginiti), Peer Review at Journal of Agricultural Economics.
  • Revisiting the Neoclassical Model of Out-farm Migration: Evidence from Nonlinear Panel Time Series, (with G. Onel)
  • Are Fundamentals Driving Agricultural Land Values? Evidence from Panel Data with Cross Section Dependence, (with G. Onel)
  • Microcredit Program, Poverty and Vulnerability in Rural Iran, (with G. Onel)

Work in Progress

  • Consumption Patterns Among OECD Countries: Demand System Estimation for Unbalanced Panel Data with Random Effects, (with G. Onel and J. Seale)


  • Tayebi, Z., Bakhshoodeh, M., 2015. Factors Affecting Procrastination of Rural Women’s Decision Making to participate in Micro Credit Funds and Self-Financed Groups in Fars, Iranian Journal of Rural Economics, 2(4), pp.1-14.
  • Tayebi, Z., Najafi, B., 2012. Determination of vulnerability and risk management in microcredit programs: applying risk sharing model and panel data approach, Iranian Journal of Agricultural Economics, 5(4), pp.25-49.


  • J.R. Greenman Memorial Scholarship, College of Agriculture and Life Science, University of Florida (2017-2018)
  • Harold B. Clark Award, Food and Resource Economics Department, University of Florida (2017-2018)
  • Grinter Fellowship Award, Food and Resource Economics Department, University of Florida (2014-2015)
  • Summer Yeutter Best Paper Award, University of Nebraska-Lincoln (2013)
  • Clayton Yeutter International Trade Fellowship, University of Nebraska- Lincoln (2012-2013)
  • Creative-Innovation Research Award for Master’s Thesis, College of Agriculture, Shiraz University, Iran (2008)