Master of Science

MS thesis track

Expand your knowledge of economic theory for a career in private industry, state and federal goverment, education in the agricultural industry or prepare for a doctoral degree.

The MS courses provide solid economic theory and prepare you for a career in:

  • private industry
  • state & federal government
  • secondary, post-secondaryand professional institutions
  • research and development

Areas of Research

Application Prerequisites:

  • Grade of B or better in calculus, statistics, intermediate microeconomics, econometrics plus 300 on GRE (with at least 145 on quantitative)
  • minimum 3.0 upper division GPA
  • 3 strong letters of recommendation

Strong quantitative skills are required for this program, specifically in the areas of calculus and statistics. If it has been 2 or more years since you have taken these courses, we recommend you consider taking a refresher or some kind of other preparatory work in these areas. 

Application Due: February 1

Though applications are due February 1st, we prefer that students applying for graduate assistantships have all materials in to the department in early January.




3-AEB 6106 Microeconomic Principles and Analysis
3-AEB 6225 Public Policy and the Agribusiness Firm
3-STA 6166 Statistical Methods


3-AEB 6553 Elements of Econometrics
3-AEB 6817 Survey Research Methods


2-6 AEB 6971 Masters Research
Thesis Proposal Seminar


Electives and/or AEB 6971 Masters Research (Research/Writing/Defense)

Recommended courses to prep for the FRE PhD (these courses will count as MS thesis electives)
3-AEB 7571 Econometric Methods I (fall)
3-ECO 5715 Macroeconomics (spring)

Total minimum credit hours required: 30
Course schedule subject to change at department’s discretion.

Students on graduate assistantship are limited to 9 hours per term in fall/spring and 6 in summer since that is the max covered under the tuition waiver. Any hours over this are NOT covered by the tuition waiver and students pay FULL tuition/fees for each additional credit hour.

Students not on assistantship are encouraged to take 12 hours in fall and spring of year 1 to get all coursework out of the way and focus solely on research thereafter.

Download and print:

MS Thesis program information