Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Conduct research with world-class faculty specializing in domestic and international agricultural and natural resource economics.

Department Overview

Our faculty conduct research in a wide range of areas including:

Degree Prerequisites:

  • Grade of B or better in calculus, statistics, master’s level microeconomics and econometrics plus 305 on GRE (with at least 150 on quantitative)
  • minimum 3.0 GPA in bachelor’s and master’s degrees
  • 3 strong letters of recommendation

Application Due: February 1

Though applications are due February 1st, we prefer that students applying for graduate assistantships have all materials in to the department in early January.




3-AEB 7571 Econometric Methods I
3-ECO 7115 Microeconomic Theory I
1-ECO 7404 Game Theory for Economists
2-ECO 7408 Math Methods for Economists


3-AEB 7108 Microeconomic Theory II
3-AEB 7240 Macroeconomic Theory II
3-AEB 7572 Econometric Methods II


Core examination

YEAR 2 & 3

3-AEB 7184 Agricultural Production
3-AEB 7373 Consumption and Demand

Students are required to take four PhD-level electives in FRE.  One of these electives must be an econometrics course (Descrete Choice, Panel Data or Time Series) in year 2. Students must be admitted to candidacy no later than end of summer of Year 3.


Writing and Defense

Total minimum credit hours required: 90. This includes 30 hours transferred from the previous Masters Degree. This means 60 credit hours must be taken at UF.

Course schedule subject to change at department’s discretion.

Download and print:

PhD program information