"Farming for ... Profit?" Agricultural Trade Expansion

24th Annual Moose Jaw Conference

June 26-27, 2017

Heritage Inn and Schmitz Barn

Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada

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Preliminary Agenda

*Subject to change

Monday, June 26

2-3 pm - Registration and Cash Bar

3-6:30 pm - Sessions

Charles Moss - "United States Farm Policy and the Importance of Crop Insurance"

Richard Gray, Troy Schmitz, and Gerry Gault - "Transportation Reform: Was Maintaining the MRE the Correct Policy?"

Konstantinos Karantininis - "The Role and Future of Cooperatives"

Marco Palma - "Consumer Acceptability of GMO Products"

6:30 pm - Adjourn to Party at Schmitz Barn (BYOB)

Tuesday, June 27

9 am - Session

Luis Ribera - "Revisiting the North American Free Trade Agreement and the Failure of the Trans-Pacific Trade Agreement"

Frank Asche - "Some Fishy Stories: Micro and Macro Factors Influencing the Seafood Trade"

Lynn Kennedy - "Producing Sugar for Hard Times: The GMO Controversy"

Katheryn Forrester and Kelsey Richardson - "Soybean Adoption in Saskatchewan"

12 pm - Lunch

1-5 pm - Sessions

Speakers Include:

  • Richard Gray
  • Troy Schmitz
  • Gerry Gault
  • Lynn Kennedy
  • Yvette Zhang
  • Marco Palma
  • Luis Ribera
  • Kathryn Forrester
  • Kelsey Richardson
  • Frank Asche
  • Konstantinos Karantininis

Additional speakers to be added

 Schmitz Barn, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada


Heritage Inn, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada

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Ramada Inn, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada

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Conference Registration Fees

1-day $170

includes one day of conference meals and social activities

2-day $295

includes two days of conference meals and social activities

Social Only $40/single  $50/couple


Please make all checks payable to Farming for Profit. 

We accept cash and checks only.  Invoices will not be accepted. 

You will receive a receipt upon arrival at the conference.

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