"Farming for Profit?" NAFTA & Trade Expansion

25th Annual Moose Jaw Conference

June 24-25, 2018

Heritage Inn and Schmitz Barn

Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada


Download the 2018 Conference Flyer (pdf)

Speakers Include:

Lynn Kennedy, Troy Schmitz, Luis Ribera,
Richard Gray, Saleem Shaik, and Tom Wahl

Business Risk Management Programs
and On-Farm Capital Investment of Canadian Farms
Alistair Campbell

What’s Happening in Prairie Farmland Markets?
Jared Carlberg

Changes in Grain Related Rail Regulation:
2017/18 and Beyond
Derek Brewin

Farmers’ Willingness to Share Data:
A Study of Saskatchewan Farmers
Madeline Turland

Recent Political Shifts:
Policy Implications for Prairie Producers
Kevin Wipf

The Economic and Environmental Benefits of GM Crops
Stuart Smyth