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    Food and Resource Economics Department

    Food and Resource Economics Department

Joao-Pedro Ferreira

Postdoctoral Associate

João became a Postdoctoral Research Associate with the Economic Impact Analysis Program in 2019 and an Adjunct Lecturer in the Food and Resource Economics Department in 2021. He holds a Master’s degree in Local Economics and a Ph.D. in Sustainable Energy Systems. He also has ongoing projects with researchers from Rutgers University and the University of Illinois in the U.S. and the University of Aveiro and the University of Coimbra in Portugal. His current interests center on economic impact analysis, input-output modeling techniques, and urban and regional economics. João is the author of 16 publications in international journals and 5 Book Chapters and more than 50 other publications in conference proceedings and newspapers. He is currently working on new methodologies related to structural decomposition analysis applied to global agriculture and food production. Outside of the office, he loves hiking with his dog Dexter and traveling to explore new places.


1094E McCarty Hall B
PO Box 110240
Gainesville, FL 32611-0240

  • Education
    • Master’s degree in Local Economics
    • Ph.D. in Sustainable Energy Systems
  • Publications