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Food and Resource Economics Department

Food and Resource Economics Department

Robert Botta

Postdoctoral Associate

Dr. Botta is a Postdoctoral Associate Researcher in the Economic Impact Analysis Program of the Food and Resource Economics Department. His primary research interests involve utilizing economic analyses to inform decision-making processes surrounding coastal marine resources.

Botta earned a Ph.D. degree in Interdisciplinary Ecology with a focus on Fisheries Economics through the School of Natural Resources and Environment at the University of Florida. Much of Dr. Botta’s research has focused on using input-output analysis as a tool to quantify the economic impacts and contributions of various aquatic resources within Florida, exemplifying the usefulness of regional economic methods within fisheries and natural resource management. Currently, he is working on developing a series of economic impact and contribution reports for some of Florida’s most important aquatic resources, including its different aquaculture commodities, which will serve as tools to communicate the role these resources play within the state’s economy.

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  • Education
    • Bachelors of Science in Interdisciplinary Marine Sciences: University of Florida, 2015

    • Masters of Professional Science in Fisheries Management and Conservation: University of Miami, 2017

    • Doctor of Philosophy in Interdisciplinary Ecology: University of Florida, 2022

  • Publications