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    Food and Resource Economics Department


FSI Faculty Win Global Fellows Awards

Congratulations to our FSI faculty, Drs. Ziynet Boz, Trent Blare, and Razieh Farzad, who were selected as 2022 Global Fellows from the UF International Center!
The International Center’s theme of learning without borders extends to our faculty and research community. Through the Global Fellows Program, UF faculty can kick-start their international research program. A seed grant of $5,000 provides faculty an opportunity to lay the groundwork for conducting international research. Faculty can use these funds to cover expenses to travel to collect field data, to meet with international scholars, to access resources not available at UF, and to support any activity that advances research abroad.

The awardees have shared their research plans below:

Dr. Ziynet Boz. Agricultural and Biological Engineering
As a part of the Global Fellows Award seed grant, Dr. Ziynet Boz will investigate the implementation of circular economy solutions in food systems in Wageningen University, the Netherlands. The overall objective is to foster collaboration, student exchange, and translational science in developing new technologies to support circularity approaches in the food and packaging industries.

Dr. Trent Blare, Food and Resource Economics
Dr. Trent Blare is leading an effort at the Tropical Research and Education Center (TREC) to collaborate with the Universidad de Los Andes and the Cartagena Botanical Garden "Guillermo Piñeres" in Colombia to support the production and marketing of tropical fruits native to Colombia, many of which are also grown in South Florida. The research would allow the team to jointly examine how to improve genetics, develop best management practices, and examine marketing opportunities for these crops in support of small-scale growers.
Dr. Razieh Farzad, Food Science, and Human Nutrition
Dr. Razieh Farzad's research and extension program goal is to disseminate knowledge, tools, recommendations, and promising practices that recognize and account for the needs and roles of women in seafood production systems by designing and organizing seafood safety trainings and workshops for small scale farm and production facilities in Bangladesh that are mostly run by women and studying the effect of these interventions on the farm management practices and safety and quality of the final products

Link to: UF Global Fellows Program