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Education in agricultural and natrual resource law is critical in preparing students with timely and appropriate information for framing and putting into action environmentally sound, socially acceptable and economically feasible agricultural practices in the production of food and fiber. Agricultural law education provides a needed foundation for students to better understand the laws and regulations governing both personal and professtional agricultural related pursuits.

Undergraduate Minor

The College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS) in the University of Florida's Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (UF/IFAS) has a large and talented faculty with agricultural and environmental law, as well as, legal-economic experience to serve as a cadre for and to support an undergraduate minor in Agricultural and Natural Resource Law offered through the Center for Agricultural and Natural Resource Law Center. Undergraduate students completing the minor receive official recognition on their University of Florida transcript.

Undergraduate Minor Requirements

The ANRL minor is designed for undergraduate students from all disciplines who wish to focus on business, environmental and social regulatory issues related to the production of food, fuel, and fiber. The ANRL minor is awarded to undergraduates who have completed 15 credit hours of approved courses. Courses have been classified into core and elective categories. Students are required to complete the core, which consists of six credit hours and at least nine credit hours from listed electives. Additional elective courses may be substituted or added as developed. A minimum grade of C for each course counted in the minor is required. All core courses must be taken. A paper option in place of a course is not acceptable. Electives not listed in the brochure must be approved, in writing, by the Director of the Center for Agricultural and Natural Resource Law.



AEB 4123 - Agricultural and Natural Resource Law (3) syllabus

AEB 4085 - Agricultural Risk Management and the Law (3) syllabus


AEB 4126 - Agriculture and Natural Resource Ethics (3)

AEB 4424 - Human Resource Management (3)

FNR 4660C - Natural Resource Policy and Administration (3)

AEB 4242 - International Trade Policy (3)

AEB 4283 - International Development Policy (3)

BUL 4310 - The Legal Environment of Business (4)

FOS 4731 - Government Regulation and Food (2)


Additional electives to be determined

Undergraduate Program Contacts

Ms. Kathy Green
Program Assistant for Undergraduate Programs
Food and Resource Economics Department
Room 1197 McCarty Hall A
University of Florida
Gainesville, FL 32611
Phone: 352-294-7640

College of Agricultural and Life Sciences
Office of Dean for Academic Programs
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University of Florida
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