Aquaculture Feasibility

Florida has an extremely diverse commercial aquaculture industry, likely the most diverse in the nation. Commercial aquaculturists currently produce food finfish, marine baitfish, marine and freshwater ornamentals, aquatic plants, molluscan shellfish, crustaceans, alligators, and other species. Producers utilize a wide array of culture methods, including inland ponds, subtidal bags, raceways, aquaria, greenhouse systems, and others.

Shifts in market forces and production policy create the opportunity for innovation. Existing and potential producers need to know the financial characteristics and economic/commercial feasibility of newer, innovative production methods. Applied research and extension programming by FRED provides culturists with additional information needed to make an informed business decision, and avoid unwise investments.


Organizational Structures and Strategies for the Hard Clam Aquaculture Industry in Florida

Enhancing Seed Availability For the Hard Clam (Mercenaria mercenaria) Aquaculture Industry By Applying Remote Setting Techniques

A User’s Guide for Commercial Hard Clam Growers Beta Version

Economic Impact of the Florida Cultured Hard Clam Industry

Aquaculture and Marketing of the Florida Bay Scallop in Crystal River, Florida

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