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Food and Resource Economics Department

Food and Resource Economics Department


Undergrad Internship Program

The Food and Resource Economics Department encourages students to seek high quality internships that are directly related to their academic major and career field. The work experience is conducted under approved business, industrial, institutional or governmental agency supervision. Intern positions are expected to enhance the student’s classroom experience and apply what is learned in the classroom.

Students are required to complete the internship application packet, have their internship supervisor sign it and submit it to Ms. Danielle Shu, at or in person at 1170 McCarty Hall A by the first day of classes for the corresponding Fall, Spring, and Summer term.

NOTE: We DO NOT award retroactive credit. It is also suggested that students on F-1 Visas also work with the UF International Center to ensure all documents are submitted to avoid jeopardizing visa status. 

Application Due Dates

  Summer A 2020 Summer C 2020

Summer B 2020

Fall 2020
Spring 2021
Internship Application May 7th May 7th June 25th August 18th January 3rd
Supervisor Evaluation Form June 19th August 7th August 7th December 9th  April 21st

  • Application Process
    1. Submit the 2021-22 AEB4941 Internship Application for approval to Danielle Shu by the posted due date.
    2. Once the internship is completed, have your site supervisor complete and return the Student Evaluation Form to Danielle Shu by the post due date.
    3. You will be enrolled in the Internship Course for the specified semester. Throughout the semester, please complete assignments corresponding to your internship on Canvas. You must complete all assignments to receive a Satisfactory Grade
  • Credit

    Credit received for an internship is based on the number of contact hours worked in the internship:

    • 1 credit = 120 hours
    • 2 credits = 240 hours
    • 3 credits = 360 hours

    To receive credit, you must have the Food and Resource Economics Department advising staff register you. Tuition is charged for the number of credits that correspond with the number of hours your work.

    Please Note: Students who are currently working on Critical Tracking or on Academic Probation are not eligible for Internship Credit. Students also may only sign up for the internship for credit course ONCE (no matter the credits). 

  • Course Assignments
    • First Day Reflection
    • Company Profile
    • Industry Research
    • Supervisor Interview
    • Personal Goal Setting
    • Midpoint Reflection
    • Goal Evaluation and Final Reflection
    • Supervisor Evaluation (Completed by your Supervisor)