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Adobe Connect Mobile 2.0 Overview


Adobe Connect Information:

Students access internet-based course content in Sakai, as well as interactive chat rooms, via Adobe Connect. Please review the Adobe Connect meeting information below to make using Adobe Connect simple and powerful. To make the best use of this media, please use a USB headset with a boom mike for optimum results. The use of laptop or pc speakers and built in microphone will cause feedback and no one will be able to use the room correctly. Note: Please always mute mike, unless you are speaking. Thanks :-)


Helpful links for Presenters and Participants

How To topics for Hosts and Presenters

How to topics for Participants

Before attending the Adobe Connect meetings please test your computer @ :

THEN complete the following 3 steps

This is a PDF that explains how to prepare your computer for an Adobe Connect meeting.
1) Read Setup Document

This is a 3:50 video on how to use audio and have a good meeting.
2) Run Audio Setup Wizard [ VIDEO]

This is a link to an actual Adobe Connect meeting room; it only allows for you to run the audio setup wizard to make sure that you are comfortable on the day of the meeting.
3) Test the Audio Wizard [LOGIN as GUEST]


All Students, TAs, and Presenters MUST login to Adobe Connect as a GUEST; Please use full first and last name. Only the Instructor will have a user name and password. Note: Please always mute mike, unless you are speaking. The microphone headset is really the most important of the equipment needed for Adobe Connect, since it will allow you to talk to fellow students, ask questions, etc. You must however run the Audio Setup Wizard immediately upon entering the Adobe Connect meeting, EVERY TIME YOU ATTEND A MEETING. Thanks :-)

Remind participants of protocols...

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Posting a Recorded Meeting in Sakai


Adobe Connect Downloads

Windows Add-in | Mac Add-in | Flash PLayer

Adobe® Connect™ Mobile for iOS & Andriod


Adobe Connect can host, attend, present, and completely drive collaboration in Adobe® Connect™ meetings - anywhere, anytime.

Adobe Connect iOS Version

Adobe Connect Andriod Version

Puffin browser for i-Devices

The University of Florida is not respocible for any thrid party software that you download.

Puffin browser for i-Devices

Puffin Browser 2 - "Flash Support: People say that mobile devices can't handle the burden of Flash content, but we say otherwise. We believe your Internet experience should not be limited by your device. With this in mind, CloudMosa developed remote Flash execution technology, just for your enjoyment. You can watch Flash videos, play Flash games, and tap into an endless sea of Flash content, all by running Flash on our servers."


Add New User [ADMIN]

Find and use URL to Recordings [ADMIN]

Davids' Adobe Connect Training Room

Adobe Connect Administrator Workbook

Adobe Connect Instructor Workbook

Topic of the Month Adobe Connect 9

September 2012: Introducing Adobe Connect 9

Adobe has announced the next major release of Adobe Connect. Version 9 brings with it a number of exciting new features - particularly around events. Take a moment to check out some of the new tutorials and resources available for Adobe Connect 9 and stay tuned for more updates.


Adobe Connect 9 Overview
This document walks through the new features and benefits of Adobe Connect 9.

Adobe Connect 9 Event Migration Guide
This guide will help you understand the new features in Adobe Connect 9 events and how to transition your older events.


IFAS Connect Seminar room:


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