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Obtaining and using Access Report data for an entire course


How do I view the course access report for an individual student?


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What is Canvas Commons

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Which browsers does Canvas support?

What are the basic computer specifications for Canvas? [Minimum of 512kbps]

What is visible in Canvas Modules?

What Extra Credit looks like

Setup Your Notification Preferences:


Canvas Adding Users

The INIT section – for assigning roles of Teacher, TA, Observer, Guest Lecturer and Auditor.
The MISC section – used to enroll students not on the normal class rolls (i.e. students making up incompletes)

What are Conferences?

They makes it easy to conduct synchronous (real-time) lectures and meetings, virtual office hours, and student groups. Currently, Canvas integrates with BigBlueButton.


Canvas Guides

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Assignment Groups HTML TAGS Profile
Assignments Import Quizzes
Dashboard Messaging - Inbox Rubrics
Discussions Modules SpeedGrader
Editor Navigation Student Groups
Files Tool Notifications Syllabus
Gradebook Outcomes Scheduler = SignUp
Home Page Pages Tool Sneaky Folders

VIDEOS @ Instructure

Student/Faculty/Admin Instructure's Likes Searching Guides


Canvas Admin Training (RIGHT Click and Save as)

Canvas Instructor Training (vimeo)

Canvas Support Training (RIGHT Click and Save as)

Canvas Instructor Orientation COURSE [17 - 3 min videos]

Canvas Instructor Overview [5 Modules / 31 steps & Quizzes]

  1. Import and Create Your Awesome Content (4 lessons)
  2. Build Your Awesome Assignments and Activities (4 lessons)
  3. Organize All That Awesome Course Material (3 lessons)
  4. Assess Those Awesome Assignment and Activities (3 lessons)
  5. Manage Your Students and Maintain an Awesome Course Presence (5 lessons)

Canvas Video Guide

Canvas What others have done

How do I start a Google+ Hangout On Air in my Canvas course?

How do I give my students extra credit? 

How do I automatically assign peer reviews? 

What is the difference between a Canvas Assignment and a Canvas Activity? 

Canvas Public Courses

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Files tool - {top}

Read additional information about the files tool below:

Pages - {top}

Below are all the tutorials related to Pages:

Rich Content Editor - {top}

Below are all the tutorials related to RCE:

Syllabus - {top}

The following tutorials detail the course syllabus tool:

Import Tools - {top}

The following tutorials provide additional details on the course import tools:

Assignments - {top}

The following tutorials detail assignments:

Discussions - {top}

The following tutorials detail discussions:

Quizzes - {top}

The following tutorials detail quizzes:

Grouping Assignments - {top}

The following tutorials detail assignment groups:

Navigation - {top}

The following tutorials relate to course navigation:

Modules - {top}

The following tutorials relate to modules:

Home Page Layout - {top}

The following tutorials relate to course home page layout:

Rubrics - {top}

The following tutorials relate to course rubrics:

SpeedGrader™ and Crocodoc - {top}

The following tutorials related to SpeedGrader™ and Crocodoc?

Gradebook - {top}

The following tutorials relate to course grades: Before a course begins, go into the gradebook and MUTE all assignments. Then, unmute them as you grade to release the grades to students.

Your Profile and Personal Settings - {top}

The following tutorials relate to profiles and personal settings:

Notification Preferences - {top}

Students Into Groups - {top}

The following tutorials relate to course-level groups:

Students with an INCOMPLETE: ADD them to the MISC section which is used to enroll student who are not on the normal class roll (i.e. a student making up an incomplete). 

Messaging System (Conversation Inbox) - {top}

The following tutorials relate to conversations:

Navigating the Global Dashboard  - {top}

The following tutorials relate to the global navigation:

Miscellaneous - {top}

How do I use the Scheduler?

Parent / Child - Cross-Listing (Video)

Student View allows instructors to see the course as a student views it.

Learning Sessions



What are Outcomes?

How do I create an Outcome for my course?

How do I find an Outcome to add to a course?

How do I find State or Common Core Standards to add to a course?

How do I create Outcome groups for my course?

Where do I find Outcomes reports for students?

How do I track student progress on a Learning Outcome?

How do I align an Outcome with a Question Bank?


Sneaky & Folders

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/undelete [last 25 items]

Canvas Tips and Tricks

Providing Extra Credit

Extra Credit point only no weighting

Extra Credit point only WITH weighting (new assignment group needed)

Importing Spreadsheets [Preparing CSV] (using concatenate)

Download CSV from Canvas > Then Add Grades > ReUpload to Canvas


How do I regrade a Quiz?

Canvas - Non-Registrar Course Request Help

e-Learning NR Course Request


How do I import SCORM files as an assignment?