On Tuesday, the CATO Institute released a report which ranked all 50 states according to their freedom, finding Democratic-run New York as the “least free state” in the union, just as they were ranked last year by the libertarian think tank. Coming in a close second was California, likewise a Democrat-controlled state.

Vice President of Policy and Research at the Charles Koch Institute and Charles Koch Foundation William P. Ruger and lecturer in the Department of Government at Dartmouth College Jason Sorens factored in state and local taxation rates, occupational regulations, gun rights, healthcare and “personal freedom,” among other measures in compiling their findings.

Under Democratic—borderline socialist—Governor Andrew Cuomo, New York state ranked as the “least free state” in the union. Of course, the state's outrageous state and local taxes, stifling business regulations and unprecedented attacks on the Second Amendment, via “The Safe Act,” and on the First, via transgender policies, all contributed to the unwelcome “least free” ranking.

According to the libertarian think tank, New York’s “huge, glaring weakness is fiscal policy.” Such policy has resulted in a local tax burden which more than doubles the national state average.

Additionally, New York is currently phasing in a massive $15/hour minimum wage mandate.

The Cuomo camp essentially rejected the notion that such a ranking was bad, proudly touting New York as the "progressive capital of the world."

"New York is the progressive capital of the world and, despite what any right wing think tank says, we're proud of our efforts to protect renters and combat smoking," said Rich Azzopardi, a spokesman for Cuomo.

"Any truly objective review of the facts would have also found this administration’s reforms led to the lowest middle class tax rates in 70 years, the lowest manufacturing tax rate since 1917, the lowest corporate tax rate since 1968, a property tax cap, six budgets in a row with spending capped at 2 percent and the lowest debt to personal income ratio since the 1960s," he added.

Unsurprisingly, Democrat-run California followed New York, ranking second under the “least free” category; Hawaii, New Jersey and Maryland all followed.

On the flip side, New Hampshire took the top spot as the “most free state" in the union. Alaska, Oklahoma, Indiana and South Dakota followed.

Below is the complete list of all the states: