University of Florida

FireFox Check, OS, and SpeedTest

Check your versions & run updates (yes, even on a Mac) -

First; Browsers

There have been issues with the different internet browsers and Learning Management Systems (LMS). Please make sure that you have at least two different browsers to take Online classes. The most stable is Firefox and Chrome, Internet Explorer works most of the time and Safari works the least efficiently. There are two others that might be an option, they are Orca and Opera. Each of the names links to the download area for that browser.

Make sure that which ever browser you chose, that you use the recommended browser version that is supported but the University of Florida. Find out what version of Mozilla Firefox do you have:

1) Go to Help in Firefox:

 2) Please make sure that is is up to date and supported: 24.0 is most current as of 10-19-13.

Please write down this information, If you are NOT using Firefox, which browser are you using and what version is it at this time? Please write this down it will be used in the final step.

Second; Operating System

What operating system are you currently using? XP, Win 7, MAC OSx... Please write this down it will be used in the final step.

Third; Checking the connection you will be using.

Please go to this site:
After a few minutes you will see a begin test button
 Please ONLY click: 
 Then you will see a ping test:
 Then a download test:
Then a Upload test:
At the end of the test a results screen shows:

Please Click the SHARE THIS RESULT button

You will get a new box with a copy option
Please click COPY:

As you were getting the results, if your "grade" is less than "C" you will most likely experience many difficulties with your Online videos and some audio files. Video files are quite large and require high bandwidth.

NEVER use wireless connections for important data transfer, such as taking a test, quiz.

Finally Send the THREE Facts:

1) Please open an email and paste in this speed test results.

2) Tell me your Firefox version or other browser and it's version.

3) Tell me the operating system you are on and email this information to

Dave DePatie DE Coordinator []

Thanks Dave :-)