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This page is a compilation of topics related to distance education. You will find tutorials, software links and other helpful items that will help you to be a successful online student.


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FRE Facebook
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ACANO - {top}

ACANO; Web Collaboration tool at UF


Logon LINK
User: Gatorlink
Password: Gatorlink Password

Personal Cospace Info:
Call ID: Your UFID Number

Download the client:

Adobe Connect for FRE - {top}

Software for iPhone and Android

Adobe Connect TEST

Adobe Flash & Reader Updates - {top}

Flash Player Check your version

Update Flash (uncheck extra and free items)

Adobe Reader Update (uncheck extra and free items)

Backup your Taskbar

This is a file that will automate the process: TaskBar Backup Batch File [you must right click and download the file and NOT click it]

Browser Issues: - {top}

If you are using Internet Explorer (IE) there are issues. You must right click links and then select "Open in new tab"

Disable Browser Java

Browser video problems

When you watch some material videos you might not see the entire video on a single screen. TRY THIS

Browser malfunction

Try to Disable Add-Ins: In Firefox, Click Help, then Restart with Add-ons Disabled. [shut down browser and restart will reset add-ons]

Browsers Supported For UF Websites

Browsers: Clearing Cache & Cookies

Some Optional Browsers

Download Firefox BrowserUF Computing Requirements states that FIREFOX is the Browser for UF use. Here are many choices in browsers, you should have at least two FireFox and one other, Chrome is my first other choice.

Dwonload Chrome BrowserDownload Opera BrowserDownload OrcaSafari DownloadDownload IE browser

Firefox Plugins Update Check

Check Your Plugins

Canvas: - {top}

Canvas Guides

Canvas Help Page

In Canvas, How Do I...?

Cisco 7937 Conference Phone Guide

Cisco VPN: - {top}

University of Florida Anyconnect VPN Clients

  • When you CONNECT to Cisco; the server is VPN.UFL.EDU
  • Your User name is UFAD\GATOLINK-NAME
  • Use Gatolink Password

Copyright - {top}

Copyright page and contact

Copyright for Online Teaching Power Point


Drawing Programs - {top}

These programs are for the actual on screen writing that the Khan videos are so well known for. Essentially, you can use any drawing program from Adobe Photoshop, to Paint in order to create the images on your screen. The real heavy lifting is done by the capture programs listed above. Here are some of the options available, but you probably already have one or more programs on your computer that can do this.

  • SmoothDraw3 (Free): Sal Khan's official choice integrates nicely with a graphic tablet.
  • Windows Paint (Free): This free program is pretty basic, but will do the job – and it's probably already installed on your PC.
  • Pencil (Free): This powerful free program allows you to not only draw, but also to import vector graphics, video, and other formats, and to animate those assets using key frames. More complicated, but for someone looking to make some truly engaging and interactive videos, this would be a fun choice.
  • GIMP (Free): The Gnu Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) is one of the staple free programs for those looking to do graphics work but not pay the heavy price for Photoshop. Essentially this is a slightly less-robust Photoshop clone, but the price is right.
  • Autodesk SketchBook Pro ($59): There is a free trial for this program as well as an iPad app, so you can take this option on the road with you. This program offers professional quality sketching and illustration tools, so it might be overkill for screencasting, but it offers a lot of flexibility for future use.
  • Adobe Photoshop ($699) or Photoshop Elements ($99): Photoshop is the industry standard for graphics works and is sufficiently versatile to allow you to create almost any graphic you could imagine. Again, probably overkill for screencasting, particularly at the price, but the high-end features are unrivaled.

DropBox for Temporary Large File uploads (not approved for restricted data.)

eTools - {top}

As eTools and cloud services become increasingly available it is extremely important to make informed choices about appropriate use of these resources, taking into consideration both benefits and risks.

Approval Process

eTools Assessment

eTools Restrictions and Caveats


Email Convention: - {top}

With the current enrollment at 48,975 student, it is a little difficult to tell what classes you are in this semester. Please create a subject as follows and body as follows:

Subject: Dr Weldon's, online AEB1234, Section 2468

Body: Dear Dave, I am currently unable to view the syllabus for Dr. Weldons class.

Hey, Reader!; by Lynn Gaertner-Johnston


Exit Survey For FRE Graduates


FRE Facebook

Faculty Institute Training (in Sakai)

FireFox Check and SpeedTest

Flash Player Update

FRE Phone Numbers

Gator Cloud


Grade-A-Gator (Canvas)

Grade-A-Gator (Sakai)


Download Java for Windows

Windows Checker

JING download: JING. This is a FREE screen capture tool with a time limitation of five (5) minutes.  Materials are easily uploaded to for later sharing by mail or Sakai. Here is a Tutorial sample. There are many great tutorials and instructions on the Jing site.

Khan Academy

List Serves:

Here are the directions to subscribe to public lists:

Here are the public lists:

LSS Known Issues

Lynda Training UF offers to Student and Faculty



MAC with no extensions

By Default MAC computers HIDE EXTENSIONS -> THE FIX

MAC on Wireless...

There is a known issue with Sophos anti-virus on Mac's running OS-X 10.8 (Mountain Lion).  Basically, the Sophos service shuts itself off periodically, and the client gets quarantined from the wireless. There is a discussion thread on the Sophos anti-virus web-site because this appears to be a known issue. 

Macintosh File Extensions:

Many times Macintosh disables or HIDES extensions on files. This will cause an issue for assignments. Your instructor will not be able to open the file. ALWAYS make sure that Hide extensions is UNCHECKED!!! In the example below the homework is not going to be able to be graded. Resulting in a Zero Grade.
Mac OS X Hide Extension


Mediasite LTI within Sakai

"Microsoft OneDrive for Business"

Microsoft Office for Students

Office 365 ProPlus: The New Microsoft Office for Students

UFIT is happy to announce the new Microsoft Student Advantage program. Because of the University's enterprise agreement with Microsoft, students are able to download and install Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus desktop applications AT NO ADDITIONAL COST.


Office 365

Works on iPad, need account

Office for iPad

Must Have Office 365 (free for students)

Word | Excel | Power Point

Office Products for iPad (will open iTunes for you)

OneNote in under a minute and a half

Overview of Office Sway

pickit free clip art powerpoint

Video that shows how to install Pickit in PowerPoint.

Online Learning and Multitasking

What Makes a Successful Online Learner?

5 Tips to Succeed in an Online Course

Online Learning Strategies for Success


PLAZA @ UF [Help document] FTP Program - FileZilla

Project Based Tools

Plagiarism: Stopping word thieves © 2012 CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved.

PolyCom Dial-in # 352-273-4999. Enter conference ID when prompted, press #

PPTX in Adobe Connect

Quick Registration - LSS non-credit

Research Support Tool - University of Florida's Integrated; designed to streamline proposal workflow, tracking and reporting

Respondus: Assessment Creation Applications

Link to Sakai for Respondus

Respondus LockDown Browser Installation

Sakai File Updates

Upload Sakai Files

Samsung UF-80 Quick Start Guide | User Manual (ELMO | Document Camera)

Secunia - Personal Software Inspector (PSI)

Free PC and mobile security for your home. Insecure software is one of the biggest threats to PC and mobile security. Use the FREE consumer products from Secunia to keep your software up to date and protected from vulnerabilities.

Screencasting Software Links

  • How Sal @ KhanAcadamy Works
  • Camtasia Studio ($200): The official choice of the Khan Academy, Camtasia Studio, or Camtasia Recorder is a robust program that allow for considerable editing after the video is recorded. Here is the official demo video for how to use this program: DEMO
  • Camstudio (Free): This free, open source program is basic but effective, allowing you to capture video and audio and produce AVI and Flash movies.
  • Adobe Captivate ($799): Captivate is the professional level tool that has the most robust editing tools. It also allows you to make interactive quizzes and Flash presentations. This is a program that I have used to create online training applications. It might be overkill for this use, but does provide a lot of flexibility should you need it
  • Jing®: is a computer service that lets you capture basic video, animation, and still images, and share them on the web.
  • ScreenCast-O-Matic: One-click screen capture recording on Windows or Mac computers with no install for FREE!
  • Screenhunter (Free): The free version of this program allows for basic video capture of your computer screen.
  • Snagit (Free Trial): More robust than Screenhunter, this program allows for some editing after the recording, but is only a free trial – the full version is $49.
  • Free Screen Video Capture (Free): This freebie allows you to capture full screen or a selected window and contains its own built-in compression program to export video in a variety of formats with some nice controls.
  • Koyote Soft Free Screen to Video (Free): This basic, free tool allows full screen or window capture and creates Flash movies.
  • iPad Video Capture: For those interested in capturing the action on an iPad 2 or 3, this helpful video from MacMost Now will explain how.

Screen shot & DOC Extension

Selective Release in Sakai



Skype for Windows, Why does it crash my desktop computer?

Software Licensing Services!

Software Secure Remote Proctor

Soil & Water Seminars

Sound will not play in Power Point

Narration For Power Point

Tax Consumer Certificate of Exemption

T4 -

Forms/Handouts: Here is a link to the Website Communication Strategy Form.

August 14, 2014 Video Recording (@ Straughn Center MediaSite)

TERMINALFOUR Recording (Adobe Connect)

Teaching Assistants

Resources for Teaching Assistants

Teaching Assistant Handbook

TA - Institute

Training IFAS

Training and Professional Development

Training UF offers to Student and Faculty

Turn It In

Tutorials by Subject

Turn It In Originality Report Quick Overview

Video & Collaboration Services

Video Conferencing Help

Vimeo Tutorial

Virtual Machine:

Click this link to logon to Voice Thread (you will authenticate with your UF Gatorlink)



This is a Tutorial Overview Document

Professor User Guide

Voice Thread Documents

Groups in VoiceThread


This is a Tutorial Overview Document

How to Create JPG's from Power Point

How to Upload JPG's and Make Comments

After you login there are some extra tutorials in voice thread; go to My voice, then click on the tutorials link. After you login Watch '1 Minute Voice Thread' first as this is the most informative clip. LSS additional info on Voice Thread.


VLC Multimedia Player - {top}

VLC Video Player for Mac & PC users, for those having problems watching videos with the installed default players...

Edit Web Pages - Trellian | Coffee Cup | KompoZer | HTML Kit



Writing Resources

RefWorks - (citing references) -

Webinar Schedule –
Quick Start Guide –
RefWorks Fundamentals Tutorial:
UF Citation Management
MLA Formatting and Style Guide

Windows Movie Maker / YouTube Tutorial

iMovie Tutorial #1

iMovie Tutorial #2

iMovie Tutorial #3

iMovie Tutorial #4

YouTube Apple MOV Compression

Tutorials for Sakai

  • Easily Importing Grades into Sakai: (Play time 2:30)

Tutorials for Connect

  • YouTube in Connect meeting:

UFIT Service Portal

Video Help



UFL Browser Requirements University of Florida Fact Book

YouTubeHelp articlesVideo encoding 

Disable Java in Browsers: