University of Florida


Project Based Tools

Lynda Tutorials

You will need to login to LYNDA.COM to watch any **LYNDA Tutorials [First Login in to LYNDA.COM] Then come back to this page and click the links below to watch the video of your choice.

Power Point:

Office for Educators with Aaron Quigley
Then go to 7. Using PowerPoint [Self Directed File]
Run Time: 35:28
What it is: **LYNDA Tutorials
What it does: Allows you to make very creative power point presentations. Topics include many ideas to develop engaging presentations. Some of the items covered are: animations, transitions, graphs and charts, adding media such as audio and video.

UF Voice Thread Projects

Voice Thread Logon & CITT Explains Voice Thread [Instructor Directed Site]
UF Voice Thread in a minute
VoiceThread - Simply Speaking 2:21
Run Time: 1:35
What it is: Tutorials on Voice Thread
What it does: Allows for the creation of a presentation on line. Then using text, voice or video comments and feedback between students and instructor.

You Tube Projects

Windows Live Movie Tutorial [Self Directed Site]
Run Time: 5:06
Macintosh iMovie Tutorial [Self Directed Site]
Run Time: 4:10
What it is: Tutorials on You Tube
What it does: Shows how to create and upload a movie using either Mac iMovie or Windows Live then upload to You Tube.