Selective Release (Sakai)


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Selective Release is a feature in Sakai that allows documents and other forms of content to be released after an event. One such event could be in the form of From date X Until Date Y. The other option is having an assessment reach some predetermined level of success. If you choose an assessment, it must be created before setting the conditions of release. This is a nice option to use if you wish the students to obtain a specific grade on an assessment of their understanding of your syllabus, for instance. You could create an assessment quizzing their knowledge of items that are emailed to you often that are addressed in the syllabus.

One use of this procedure could be to make sure that the students have mastered a task, such as reading your syllabus. This could greatly reduce the email and raise accountability on items that are stated in your syllabus.

The path to this feature is: A) Resources, B) Content to be locked (could be a .PDF, .DOC, .HTML or other type file) C) Actions D) Edit Details E) Availability and Access section, F) {Check box option} Only if the following condition is met:

The list of the option are those shown below:

In this tutorial "grade is grater that or equal to" will be demonstrated.

1)      You must create an assessment that will be used to lock the page (Selective Release Test) in my case.

2)      We will keep Ch1Les1.html hidden until a condition is met…

3)      Go to Resource Tab on Left

4)      Go to the document or web page  you want locked (ch1les1.html)

5)      Click the Actions Drop-down, then click on Edit Details:

6)      On the next page scroll down to the Availability and Access area
CHECK   “Only if the following condition is met:”

a.       I have chosen the Selective Release Test worth (100.0 points)

b.      Selected grade is greater than or equal to

c.       Then I have typed in 75

d.      All the way at the bottom of the Edit Details page Click

Once this has been done you will notice that the page with selective release has been grayed to denote it is now under selective release control, as shown below:

Before this process, the page, ch1les1.html, would not show to students, even if it is on the navigation bar in the left margin in Sakai, it would show a blank page. After the student has achieved 75 points or better value on the Selective Release Test, the page will show to ONLY the students that have achieved the score of a 75 or more. You could set the points value to 100 points and they would have to get a perfect score to open ch1les1.htm, there by stopping the release of the first page of content in this course.