University of Florida

FireFox Update and SpeedTest

To reduce your internet issues please follow the steps below:



There have been issues with the different internet browsers and Learning Management Systems (LMS). Please make sure that you have at least two different browsers to take Online classes.
The most stable is Firefox
if you visit the above link you should get "Congrats! You're using the latest version of Firefox."

You might also try Google Chrome

Internet Explorer will not load pages properly many times.
Safari will not load pages properly many times.

First choice is FireFox

Second Choice is Chrome

Make sure your browsers are up to date

Please do NOT use Microsoft Internet Explorer or Safari

STEP 2) Internet Speed Test

Speed is Critical!!!

PING measures the round-trip time for messages sent from your computer to a server computer like Adobe Connect or Canvas Learning Management System. Many servers you connect to will "drop you" if the ping is to high because they think you have disconnected. If your Ping is close to or OVER 80 Ping, you could experience lost assignments, dropped quizzes, audio, but most definitely video issues. Ping is sometimes referred to as Latency.

Please go to this site:
After a few minutes you will see a begin test button
 Please ONLY click: 
 Then you will see a ping test:
 Then a download test:
Then a Upload test:
At the end of the test a results screen shows:

Please Click the SHARE THIS RESULT button

You will get a new box with a copy option
Please click COPY:

As you were getting the results, if your "grade" is less than "C" you will most likely experience many difficulties with your Online videos and some audio files. Video files are quite large and require high bandwidth.


STEP 3) Problems Found

NEVER use wireless connections for important data transfer, such as taking a test, quiz or uploading assignments.


GRADE of "F" and Ping of 601

If you still have issues AFTER RUNNING speed test and your ping is OVER 70ms send email, with your PING information to:

Dave DePatie DE Coordinator []

Thanks Dave :-)