Technical Requirements / Expectations


There are some technical requirements/expectations

You must meet these requirements in order to access your courses. If you have questions please contact Requirements will vary with each course, but the minimum requirements you need will be:

Item Details
Computer  Visit the UF Computing Requirements for details. Under software Requirements Note the Browser to use for class for the introduction quiz

High-speed. DSL may not be sufficient for viewing videos and lectures. It is recommended that you take all exams/quizzes from non-wireless high-speed connections.
ONLY CLICK BeginTest.png button Check Your Ping & Speed; make a note of your Ping, Download speed and Upload speed for the introduction quiz; (over 60 ms ping will cause issues)

Browser Latest versions of multiple web browsers, e.g. Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari. Some delivery methods work better in different browsers. Canvas only supports the latest two versions of any given browser.What browser am I using? Make note of the browser and version for the introduction quiz.
Software MS Office Suite, Antivirus, Updated Java and Flash, media player(s). How to get these as a student.
Other Use of a Webcam and Microphone with a Headphone is often required for assignments or chat sessions. It's best to get these items now so that you have them when you need them! You will not be excused for lack of equipment. Find out how many headphones are under $10? for the introduction quiz.

UF Help Desk

NOTE: If you experience ANY technical difficulties while taking this course, You MUST obtain a Trouble Ticket from the UF Help Desk, with a date and time stamp. Absolutely no exceptions. NOTE: Do not rely on a wireless connection when taking the exam.  It is strongly recommended that you use a Wired, network-connected computer for a more stable internet connection. If UF help-desk is unable to resolve your issue, please contact Canvas Help.

Taking a Screen Shot

Throughout this course it is STRONGLY suggested that you submit a screenshot if you experience technical issues while working in Canvas, this will back up your request for an extension if permitted. You might need a screen shot for an assignment as well. Please watch the video below that is for your computer type.




After completing the sections above, move on to: