Update for Adobe Connect 9.x

How to get recording link to post in your LMS:

FRE - In the top bar in the admin window: https://ufifas.adobeconnect.com

SWS - In the top bar in the admin window: http://mbreeze.ifas.ufl.edu/

  1. Click Meetings tab
  2. Go down and click the ROOM icon that was used for recording
  3. Click | Recordings |
  4. Find the most recent recording [usually at the top] (notice it is set to http://mbreeze.ifas.ufl.edu/common/images/icon_sco_archive_private.png Private   )
  5. Click and put a check in front of the chat name movie
  6. Click
  7. Click to put radio button in
  8. Click
  9. Click on the chat name  movie icon
  10. RIGHT Click the yellow highlighted link (example here)   
  11. In the menu Click on
  12. Paste this link where it is required.

Hope this helps
Dave : -)

Below is a Recording explaining a Connect Meeting Version 8.x


Recording a Connect Meeting Version 8.x
Then posting a link in your LMS (Sakai)

Presented by: David DePatie

Wednesday, September 04, 2013, Length: 02 Minutes 53 Seconds

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