International Agricultural Trade & Policy Center


The IATPC was established in 1990 in the Food and Resource Economics Department (FRED) of the Institute of Food and Agriculture Sciences (IFAS) at the University of Florida. Its mission is to provide information, education, and research directed to immediate and long-term enhancement and sustainability of international trade and natural resource use. Its scope includes not only trade and related policy issues, but also agricultural, rural, resource, environmental, food, state, national, and international policies, regulations, and issues that influence trade and development.


- Support initiatives that enable a better understanding of U.S. and international trade policy issues impacting the competitiveness of Florida agriculture and all specialty crops and livestock nationwide;

- Serve as a nationwide resource base for research on international agricultural trade policy issues on all specialty crops and livestock;

- Disseminate agricultural trade related research results and publications;

- Interact with researchers, business and industry groups, state and federal agencies, and policymakers to examine and discuss agricultural trade policy questions.

Program Areas

- Risk Management and Capital Markets

- Agricultural Labor

- Regulatory Policy and Competitiveness

- Demand Systems and International Trade

- State and Local Government Policy and Agricultural Competitiveness

There are 16 faculty from the Food & Resource Economics Department and other departments who conduct research in these program areas for the IATPC. Each of these program areas has a set of projects that have been undertaken to address these critical areas of need. Faculty have acquired additional grant funds of more than one million dollars over the last three years to augment these programs.


Dr. John J. VanSickle, Executive Director

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