Stephen N. Morgan

Assistant Professor, Food and Resource Economics Department

Dr. Stephen N. Morgan is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Food and Resource Economics at the University of Florida. His research program is focused on understanding how the design of agri-environmental policy and institutions influences the economic behavior of producers and other key stakeholders in areas of natural resource management, public goods contribution schemes, technology adoption, risk management, and sustainable intensification. He focuses on the design and use of experimental methods to capture the incentives and dynamics of challenges faced by agricultural producers, growers, and stakeholders in the U.S. and abroad.

Stephen received his Ph.D. in Agricultural, Food, and Resource Economics from Michigan State University, M.A. in Political Science from Duke University, and B.S. in Food and Resource Economics at the University of Florida. He is a 2019-2020 Global Fellow through the University of Florida International Center and is affiliated with the UF Water Institute and the UF Climate Institute.

Stephen previously served as a Fulbright Scholar researching agricultural development and community participation in Zambia and has experience working with multiple government agencies including the USDA Economic Research Service, USDA Foreign Agricultural Service, and the U.S. Agency for International Development.


Research Interests
  • Producer and stakeholder behavior
  • Experimental economics and methods
  • Natural resource management & environmental economics
  • Agri-environmental policy
  • Currently on the guidance committee for 1 Ph.D. student in Food and Resource Economics.
Current Courses
  • AEB 3103 - Principles of Food and Resource Economics

Stephen Morgan, Assistant Professor, Food and Resource Economics Department