Brandon R. McFadden

Assistant Professor 


Dr. McFadden's research tends to focus on consumer behavior, food choice, and attitudes towards contemporary agriculture production. He currently teaches two courses, AEB 3300 Agricultural & Food Marketing and AEB 4325 Contemporary Issues in Agribusiness, every Fall and Spring.

Classes Taught

  • AEB 3300 Agricultural & Food Marketing
  • AEB 4325 Contemporary Issues in Agribusiness

Selected Work

  •  “Impact of Food Choice on Sodium Intake Patterns from Multiple NHANES Surveys.” Appetite (2017) 109:144-153. Dong, Z., Z. Gao, and B.R. McFadden. (Link)
  • "The Unknowns and Possible Implications of Mandatory Labeling.” Trends in Biotechnology (2017) 35.1:1-3. McFadden, B.R. (Link)
  • “Nitrogen Fertilizer Recommendations Based on Plant Sensing and Bayesian Updating.” Precision Agriculture (2017) 1-14. McFadden, B.R., B.W. Brorsen, and W.R. Raun. (Link)
  • “Neural Antecedents of a Random Utility Model.” Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization (2016) 132:93-103. Lusk, J.L., J.M. Crespi, B.R. McFadden, J.B.C. Cherry, L.E. Martin, and A.S. Bruce. (Link)
  • “Examining the Gap between Science and Public Opinion about Genetically Modified Food and Global Warming.” PLOS ONE 11.11 (2016): e0166140. McFadden, B.R. (Link)

Works in Progress

  • “Consumer Risk Perception of Vitamin A Deficiency and Acceptance of Biofortified Rice in the Morogoro Region of Tanzania.” Domonko, E.S., B.R. McFadden, F.J. Mishili, C. Mullally, and D. Farnsworth.
  • “Value Chain Actors’ Decisions and Consumer's Acceptance within the Food Biotechnology Industry.” Pakseresht, A., B.R. McFadden, and C.J. Lagerkvist.
  • “Chinese Consumer Preference for Genetically Modified Foods: Does Country of Origin have the Same Impact on their Preference for Conventional and GM Foods?” Gao, Z., X. Yu, C. Li, and B.R. McFadden.
  • “The Effect of Market Segmentation on Consumer Welfare: The Case of Organic and Conventional Fruits and Vegetables.” McFadden, B.R., C. Mullally, Z. Gao.
  • “Differences in Willingness to Pay for Labels that Communicate the Presence of Genetically Modified Material” McFadden, B.R., and J.L. Lusk.