Undergraduate Program

B.S., Food and Resource Economics

The Food and Resource Economics Department (FRE) offers two specializations leading to a Bachelor of Science degree in Food and Resource Economics:

Food and Agribusiness Marketing and Management is for students interested in food and fiber systems management, marketing, and finance.  Employment opportunities and include, but are not limited to, sales and managerial positions in agribusiness firms, commercial banks, the Farm Credit Service, insurance and appraisal firms.

International Food and Resource Economics provides a broad background in economic theory and international business, development, and policy. Future opportunities include graduate school or for careers working for international organizations and governments.

Why should you choose Food and Resource Economics (FRE) as a major?

A Bachelor of Science degree in FRE is beneficial in preparing students for careers in industry, graduate and/or law school programs.  The FRE Department offers undergraduates many choices in their undergraduate education and experiences by offering two specializations for students to choose from.  Students are given the choice of either specializing in Food and Agribusiness Marketing and Management or International Food and Resource Economics.  This flexibility allows a student to choose a plan that suits their career goals.

Undergraduate Minors

Minors offer students from other majors the opportunity to benefit from the exciting coursework and opportunities our majors find. Additionally, minors can be used to prepare for graduate school opportunities in Agribusiness, Food and Resource Economics, and professional schools such as Law School.

The FRE Department offers the following four minors:

Agricultural and Natural Resource Law - a foundation in the laws and regulations that govern agricultural and natural resource industries. It is an ideal choice for those interested in learning more about careers in law and policy.

Agricultural and Natural Resource Ethics and Policy - an interdisciplinary minor that focuses on ethics, social and political analysis, and the agricultural and natural resource industry.

Management and Sales in Agribusiness - focuses on management and sales for agribusinesses, including courses preparing students for the Master of Agribusiness Program.

International Development and Humanitarian Assistance - a highly interdisciplinary minor that provides a foundation, understanding, and knowledge necessary to productively contribute in international nonprofit organizations, private businesses, and public sector organizations involved with international development, human rights, or humanitarian assistance.

Food and Resource Economics - includes 15 hours of coursework focusing on economic theory and quantitative skills.

Our undergraduate students learn to become industry leaders.

Students toured FreshPoint South Florida to learn more about the food service industry.