Emmanuel Akande

PhD Student

Emmanuel is a PhD candidate in the department of Food and Resource Economics, University of Florida. His dissertation tittle “Economic Performance and Environmental Impact of Livestock Production under Different Grazing Systems in Southeastern U.S.” focuses on economic analysis of ecosystem services and delivery. It examines the underlying volatilities in real options associated with irreversible investment in livestock production system and also evaluate the environmental impact of livestock production and cattlemen's preferences in mitigating GHG emission. Emmanuel has also undertaken numerous research projects, including Impact assessment analysis of natural resource, between 2010-2012 at The Florida State University Center for Economic and Forecasting Analysis (FSU-CEFA). His research cut across spectrum of economic and statistical analysis as a tool to bridge the gap between theoretical and applied study.


  • AEB 4931 Econometrics ( Spring 2019)

Mentor/Tutor (since 2015) : University Association Athletes, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida U.S

  • Macroeconomics,
  • Microeconomics,
  • Quantitative Methods
  • Statistics, etc

Published Paper

  • The Investment Shock: Sources of Fluctuations in a Small Open Economy, Journal of Economics and Business Review (2013) Vol. 15(3).



  • Volatility option of Retained Ownership of Weaned Cow-Calf Production under Different Grazing Systems
  • Beef Cattle Operations with GARCH Framework Valuation Options
  • The Effects of Non-Timber Ecosystem Services on Economically Optimal Forest Management (with Unmesh Koirala)

Journal Referee:

  • Elsevier Editorial System for Journal of Economic Modeling (2013).