Xuqi 'Ricky' Chen

Ph.D. Student


Ricky is a Ph.D. student in the Food and Resource Economics Department at the University of Florida. Ricky’s research interests are consumer behavior, food marketing, agribusiness management, and behavioral economics. His dissertation examines how to reduce consumers' information-seeking cost while maintaining information completed and consumers' unbiased decision making. Ricky has secured external grant funding for his doctoral dissertation. Prior to the dissertation project, he has also involved in three projects, which have contributed to two refereed journal articles, several submitted manuscripts and working papers, as well as more than ten presentations.

Teaching Experience

  • Instructor, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, USA

    • AEB 5516 Quantitative Methodis in Agribusiness, Summer 2017

Peer-reviewed Publications

  • Chen, X., Gao, Z., House, L., Ge, J., Zong, C., & Gmitter, F. (2016). “Opportunities for Western Food Products in China: The Case of Orange Juice Demand.” Agribusiness, 32(3), 343-362. (Link)

  • Shi, L., Gao, Z., & Chen, X. (2014). “The Cross-Price Effect on Willingness-to-Pay Estimates in Open-Ended Contingent Valuation.” Food Policy, 46, 13-21. (Link)

Submitted Manuscripts

  • Chen, X., Gao, Z., Swisher, M., House, L., & Zhao, X. “Eco-Labeling in the Fresh Produce Market: Not All Environmentally Friendly Labels Are Equally Valued.” (Under Review at Ecological Economics).
  • Heng, Y., Gao, Z., Jiang., Y & Chen, X. “Exploring Hidden Factors Behind Online Food Shopping from Amazon Reviews: A Topic Mining Approach.” (Revised and Resubmitted at Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services)

Working Papers

  • Chen, X., Gao, Z., & House, L. “The Dilemma of Purchasing Sustainable Fresh Produce: An Application of Preference Reversal.” (Targeting Journal of Economic Psychology).
  • Chen, X., Gao, Z., Heng, Y., & House, L. “Own and Spillover Effect of Social Media on Demand for Fresh Produce: A Case of Consumer Preference for California versus Florida Strawberry.” (Targeting Journal of Agricultural Economics).
  • Chen, X., Gao, Z., & Bi, X. “Consumer Willingness-to-Pay for Sea Level Rise Adaptations in Miami-Dade County.”
  • Chen, X., Gao, Z., & House, L. “The Effects of Emotion on Consumers’ Willingness-to-Pay (WTP) for Eco-Labeled Fresh Produce.”
  • Chen, X., Shen, M., & Gao, Z. “Impacts of Intra-Respondent Variations in Attribute Attendance on Consumer Preference in Food Choice.”
  • Chen, X., Gao, Z., & House, L. “The Impact of Impulsive Behavior on Fresh Produce Purchase: Do the Shopping Companions Matter?”


USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture, Principal Investigator, $16,492