Xuqi 'Ricky' Chen

Ph.D. Candidate


Ricky is a Ph.D. candidate in the Food and Resource Economics Department at the University of Florida (UF). Ricky’s research interests include marketing, consumer behavior, behavioral economics, and agribusiness. Ricky has initiated and participated in five different projects, covering various topics of consumer economics, non-market valuation and policy analysis. His dissertation examines factors affecting consumer information seeking behavior and decision making, trying to reduce the information seeking cost and nudge people to make healthier food choices. The dissertation builds upon the grant proposal he wrote and funded by USDA, in which he serves as the student principal investigator. Ricky has published four refereed journal articles so far and has presented numerous research papers in the national professional meetings. His research output has been noticed by multiple media outlets and reported as news releases. He has also cooperated with professors in six different courses, and independently taught a master level core course in Agribusiness and Math Camp for the class of 2018 Ph.D. students. He also won over fifteen awards, honors, and scholarship since the enrollment at UF. In April of 2018, he was recognized as the “Outstanding Graduate Student of the Year 2018” by the University of Florida Graduate Student Council, which is one of the most competitive and highest honors awarding two graduate students annually at the university.



Independent Instructor, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, USA

2018 Mathematics Camp for Economists (PhD)
2017 AEB 5516 Quantitative Methods in Agribusiness

Teaching Assistant, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, USA

2018 AEB 6553, Elements of Econometrics
2017 AEB 3114L, Introduction to Agricultural Computer Applications
2016 AEB 3510, Quantitative Methods in Food and Resource Economics
2015 AEB 3300, Agricultural and Food Marketing
2015 AEB 4325, Contemporary Issues in Agribusiness Management
2014 AEB 3550, Agricultural Data Analysis
2013 AEB 6553, Elements of Econometrics

Peer-reviewed Publications:

  • Chen, X., Gao, Z., Swisher, M., House, L., & Zhao, X. (2018). “Eco-Labeling in the Fresh Produce Market: Not All Environmentally Friendly Labels Are Equally Valued.” Ecological Economics, 154, 201-210. (Link)
  • Heng, Y., Gao, Z., Jiang, Y., & Chen, X. (2018). “Exploring Hidden Factors behind Online Food Shopping from Amazon Reviews: A Topic Mining Approach.” Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services42, 161-168. (Link)
  • Chen, X., Gao, Z., House, L., Ge, J., Zong, C., & Gmitter, F. (2016). “Opportunities for Western Food Products in China: The Case of Orange Juice Demand.” Agribusiness, 32(3), 343-362. (Link)
  • Shi, L., Gao, Z., & Chen, X. (2014). “The Cross-Price Effect on Willingness-to-Pay Estimates in Open-Ended Contingent Valuation.” Food Policy, 46, 13-21. (Link)

Submitted Manuscripts:

  • Chen, X., Gao, Z., Heng, Y., & House, L. “Consumer Response to Food Industry Social Media: Own and Spillover Effect.” (Journal of Consumer Affairs. Under Review).
  • Chen, X., Gao, Z., & McFadden, B.R. “The Dilemma of Purchasing Sustainable Fresh Produce: An Application of Preference Reversal.” (Food Quality and Preference. Under Review).

Finished Manuscripts:

  • Chen, X., Bi, X. & Gao, Z., “Willingness-to-Pay for Adaptations to Sea Level Rise: Empirical evidence from Miami.” (In preparation for submission to American Journal of Agricultural Economics).
  • Chen, X., Gao, Z., & McFadden, B.R. “The Impact of Impulsive Behavior on Fresh Produce Purchase: Do the Shopping Companions Matter?” (Targeting Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization).
  • Chen, X., Gao, Z., & House, L. “The Effects of Emotion on Consumers’ Willingness-to-Pay for Eco-Labeled Fresh Produce.” (Targeting Journal of Consumer Psychology).
  • Chen, X., Shen, M., & Gao, Z. “Impacts of Intra-Respondent Variations in Attribute Attendance on Consumer Preference in Food Choice.” (Targeting Food Policy).
  • Chen, X., Chen, J., & Gao, Z. “Organic and Eco-labels: Why People Pay More for Organic.” (Targeting Journal of Agricultural Economics).

Work in Progress

  • Interrelationship Between Front-of-package and Back-of-package Labels on Consumer Information Seeking and Decision Making
  • Familiarity and Information Seeking: The Application of Transitional Organic Label and Its Impacts on Consumer Behavior
  • Market Potential of Transitional Organic
  • Impacts of Color-coded Nutrition Facts Panel and Consumer Responses

Role: Principal Investigator
: USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture
Total Award: $16,492 (funding rate: 13/80)

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