Graduate Internship Guide

The internshipis an educational program allows students the opportunity to improve the skills and knowledge needed in their prospective vocation. In turn, the internship student helps the employing agency or firm to meet peak demand for their employees and/or complete special projects.

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Course Objectives

  1. Provide an opportunity for learning experiences, on or off campus, relevant to the student’s degree program.
  2. Permit students the independent exploration of their fields of interest.
  3. Assist students in establishing career goals related to their specific interests and professional aspirations.
  4. Prepare students for employment in agribusiness-related occupations through field training and professional experience.
  5. Make students aware of additional training/experience/courses necessary to reach their career goals.

Operational Principles

  1. Each student intern will have well-defined work activities that are regarded as worthwhile by the cooperating agency and the Supervisory Committee Chair.
  2. Each intern shall develop specific learning objectives that can be readily identified and reviewed periodically throughout the work period. 
  3. Each intern shall be supported by a Supervisory Committee Chair and a cooperating agency representative. The roles of these individuals include assisting with task identification, establishing learning objectives, carrying out the task, counseling the intern and carrying through with ideas and projects initiated.
  4. Each intern contracts as an independent agent with the cooperating agency to do the work and pursue the learning objectives.
  5. Each intern assesses the work of the internship experience in a non-school setting and produces a final report and presentation to the faculty and graduate student body.

Available Internships for FRE Students

Internships listed below are from UF Career Resource Center, Gator CareerLink. For more opportunities through the Career Center's database, create a Gator CareerLink account and conduct your own search.