FRE represents UF/IFAS at the "Fresh from Florida Export Summit" at Port Tampa Bay

‌Fresh from Florida Export Summit brought together industry leaders from government agencies, logistics and transportation, agricultural associations, and corporations to discuss Florida agriculture export opportunities.

Topics included:

  • Logistics and Transportation
  • International Export Market Perspectives
  • Economic Potential of Accessing Overseas Markets
  • Considerations for Fruit and Vegetable Exporters
  • Overview of The Mosaic Company - a company exporting fertilizer at Port Tampa Bay

Agricultural Commissioner Adam Putnam highlighted the growing demand for food and natural resources due to forcasted expotential growth in population by 2050.  Putnam believes Florida is positioned to compete in the global market but identified a number of threats including citrus greening, ambrosia, invasive plants and pests.  Putnam encouraged the audience to consider how technology and innovation can be used to overcome challenges facing public health, the environment, and the agricultural industry.  He recognized a rise in manufacturing especially in timber and described Florida's commitment to investing in manpower and resources needed for Florida to trade in a global marketplace.

UF/IFAS Food and Resource Economics Department Associate Chair Rod Clouser presented basic supply and demand expectations for North American exports based on rapidly growing populations and emerging markets in Asia, Africa, and South America.  Clouser presented data projecting demand for food in North America to remain relatively the same, while North America will face the challenge of increasing production to meet growing global demands.  Other factors of consideration for international export of food included meeting the various taste preferences of an international market.

The the conclusion of the event, Port Tampa Bay staff hosted a boat tour of the port showing the wide range of commodity exports at Port Tampa Bay including sulfur, cement, oil, propane, limestone, coal, petroleum products, grain, asphalt, phosphate and frozen juice concentrate.  With the installation of two container cranes projected to open June 2016, Port Tampa Bay hopes to capitalize on the port's access to the I-4 corridor and large distribution centers for companies including Sysco, Publix, Coca Cola, Pepsi Co, and Lowes.

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