Department Faculty Receive Awards for Contributions to Agricultural Economics

On February 8, 2016, three UF/IFAS Food and Resource Economics Department (FRE) faculty were recognized at the Southern Agricultural Economics Association’s (SAEA) annual meeting in San Antonio, TX. 

The SAEA is a professional organization fostering the study and understanding of agricultural economics and its application to problems in the southern United States.  Educators from higher education institutions gathered at the 2016 Annual Meeting to share their work and network with colleagues in their field.  This year, awards were presented to individuals for their significant contributions to the agricultural economics profession.   Two UF/IFAS FRE faculty members received the "SAEA Awards for Distinguished Professional Contributions" in two categories:

Dr. Mikael Sandberg, FRE Lecturer and Undergraduate Coordinator, received the “Outstanding Teaching of a Course” award for his undergraduate level Agricultural Macroeconomics course (AEB3281).  AEB3281 provides undergraduate students an introduction to the world economy, focusing on the linkages arising from international trade and capital flows in the agricultural sector.  Students learn how to relate macroeconomic events to the operation of a firm with special attention to the economic impact of policy, the interrelatedness of national economies, and the fluctuation of economic activity.

Dr. Kelly Grogan received the “2016 SAEA Emerging Scholar” award for her contributions to the field of agricultural economics through her research and publications.  Dr. Grogan's research evaluates optimal pest control methods for growers combating citrus greening disease.  Her spatial-dynamic bioeconomic model provides information important for growers considering individual and coordinated pest control treatments for their orange groves.  In a time where citrus greening threatens the survival of the citrus industry in Florida, Dr. Grogan's research provides valuable information for Florida's citrus industry and contributes significantly to the field of agricultural economics.

In this year's election of SAEA officers, Dr. Lisa House, Director of the Agricultural Market Research Center and FRE professor, was announced as President-elect of the Southern Agricultural Economics Association.  As a valuable member of the SAEA's leadership, she will provide opportunities for professionals to engage and will promote the field of agricultural economics.

The FRE department is proud to have faculty that excel in the field of agricultural economics, contribute to Florida's agricultural industry, and provide leadership and education for the future of agriculture in Florida and beyond.

To learn more about the Southern Agricultural Economics Association (SAEA) visit their website or Facebook page.

SAEA Recognition

Three FRE faculty members were recognized at the Southern Agricultural Economics Association 2016 Annual Meeting From left to right: Dr. Lisa House, President-Elect, SAEA; Dr. Mikael Sandberg, awarded "Outstanding Teaching of a Course"; Dr. Kelly Grogan, awarded "Emerging Scholar"