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Water Conservation: half-empty or half-full?

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Evaluation of a Water Conservation Program: is there a "silver bullet"?

This session started with a presentation about an extension program developed in North Carolina to train turfgrass professionals (for more information about the turfgrass best management practices, see Turf Management webinar).

Next, an overview of different strategies that can be used to encourage residential water conservation was presented. Estimates of the effectiveness of the alternative strategies were discussed.

Note: The webinar was recorded on May 10, 2011.


    Clean Streams Program for Environmentally Responsible Turfgrass Professionals

    By Wendi Hartup, North Carolina Cooperative Extension, Forsyth County, North Carolina (bio).

    Clean Streams is a collaborative program effort between the City of Winston-Salem and Forsyth County Cooperative Extension, North Carolina. This program trains green industry professionals to identify ways their daily work routine can impact water quality. Once participants complete training by passing an exam, their company is marketed via the City of Winston-Salem website and through local city-sponsored advertisements.

    Ms. Hartup's presentation is available here (.pdf, 2.3 MB).

    Adoption of Water Conservation Tools in the Southern United States

    Presenter: Damian Adams, Ph.D., School of Forest Resources and Conservation / Food and Resource Economics Department, University of Florida (bio)

    Dr. Adams presented the results of a residential household survey conducted in Oklahoma. Based on the survey results, high costs and lack of information were major barriers to households adopting new conservation alternatives. Respondents' perceptions about their water utility's efforts on water conservation had a significant influence over whether the respondent adopts any water conservation tools or not.

    Dr. Adams's presentation is available here (.pdf, 1.8 MB).

Overview of the Conserve Florida Water Clearinghouse and EZ Guide Water Conservation Model

Presenter: James Heaney, Professor, Department of Environmental Engineering Sciences, University of Florida (bio)

Conserve Florida was established to provide information and tools to assist in the development of utility-specific, goal-based water conservation programs. Through this effort, a water conservation clearinghouse was established, and EZ Guide was developed. EZ Guide is a web-based water savings calculator designed to offer decision support information to water utilities.

Dr. Heaney's presentation is available here (.pdf, 1.0 MB).

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