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Water Conservation: half-empty or half-full?

Regional Webinar Series

Water-Efficient Irrigation Technologies: Florida, North Carolina, and Oklahoma extension programs

The webinar focused on the extension programs developed to encourage the use of more efficient irrigation technologies. Rain sensors, soil and moisture irrigation controllers, and other smart water application technologies were discussed. Challenges faced by the extension personnel in promoting these technologies were examined, and the approaches to overcome these challenges were presented. We also discussed water savings evaluation results achieved through implementation of smart irrigation technologies. The webinar concluded with a question-and-answer session.

Note: The webinar was recorded on February 8, 2011.

Presentations and Webinar Materials:


The webinar was recorded using Elluminate Live! on-line collaborative environment. In Elluminate, you can use the sliding bar at the very bottom of your screen to scroll to the recording portion related to a specific program:

  • Simple Irrigation Measurement (Oklahoma) – the seventh mark on the sliding bar (time indicator at the bottom right corner will report "In session for 1 hours and 16 minutes")
  • Extension Efforts in Adopting Water Efficient Irrigation Technologies in North Carolina – scroll to the point where the time indicator in the lower right corner states "In session for 1 hours and 39 minutes"
  • Extension Education on Irrigation Efficiency and Smart Irrigation Controllers (Florida) – scroll to the point where the time indicator in the lower right corner states "In session for 2 hours"
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