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Food and Resource Economics Department

Food and Resource Economics Department


List of FRE Undergraduate Minors

* Denotes minors not available to students majoring in Food and Resource Economics.

Minors offer students from majors other than Food and Resource Economics the opportunity to benefit from the exciting coursework and opportunities our majors find. Additionally, minors can be used to prepare for graduate school opportunities in Agribusiness, Food and Resource Economics, and professional schools such as Law School. The FRE Department offers the following five minors:

Agricultural and Natural Resource Law
Agricultural and Natural Resource Ethics and Policy
*Management and Sales in Agribusiness
International Development and Humanitarian Assistance
*Food and Resource Economics minor

General Information

Minors are for undergraduate students ONLY. Students can pursue up to 3 minors.

NOTE: It is suggested you wait until your second semester at UF to begin working towards a minor at UF. Please speak with your academic advisor for more information.

NameTitleLocationPhone #Email
Danielle Shu Academic Advisor  1170 MCCA  352-294-7640

Eligibility – Students must

Some minors have additional requirements for approval, (e.g., a higher UF GPA, etc.). Be sure to review the Catalog information for the minor in your Catalog year.

Considering a Minor

Additional Resources

Applying for a Minor

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