Marine Economics

This broad research area deals with the economic aspects of marine fisheries management, seafood marketing, aquaculture feasibility, coastal industry activity and impacts, water quality management, and ecosystem services provided by marine resources.

Selected Recent Publications:

Ropicki, A. and S.L. Larkin. 2014. Social Network Analysis of Price Dispersion in Fishing Quota Lease Markets. Marine Resource Economics, 29(2): 157-176.

Theodorus, J.A., I. Tzovenis, C.M. Adams, P. Sorgeloos, and J. Viaene. 2014. Risk Factors Affecting the Profitability of the Mediterranean Mussel (Mytilus galloprovincialis, Lamarck 1819) Farming in Greece. Journal of Shellfish Research, 33(3): 695-708.

Valderrama, D., S. Iyemperumal, and M. Krishnan. 2014. Building Consensus for Sustainable Development in Aquaculture: A Delphi Study of Better Management Practices for Shrimp Farming in India. Aquaculture Economics and Management, 18(4): 369-394.





To learn more about active research projects, check the web-pages of the individual faculty members:

Adams, Charles (marine fisheries management, seafood markets and demand, marine aquaculture feasibility)
Anderson, James (fisheries and aquaculture economics, markets and international trade)
Larkin, Sherry (marine resource economics; fisheries management; bioeconomic modeling)
Valderrama, Diego (marine resource economics; economic development)

In the above picture: ”Dr. Chuck Adams conducting marketing research"