Research in FRED: An Overview

Faculty members and students in Food and Resource Economics Department (FRED) are involved in a full range of research projects analyzing consumer behavior, agricultural marketing and policy, production/farm management, international trade and development, marine economics, natural resource and environmental economics, community & regional development, and labor economics. FRED researchers examine how current world food production and marketing systems can be transformed to address the challenges of resource scarcity, energy independence, food security, economic development, climate variability, and the nutritional requirements of healthful diets.

Department faculty members are well-known for their research in the economics of agricultural production, risk analysis, welfare analysis, marine resource management, Cuban agriculture, and economic development in Latin America. Many faculty members have been recognized at regional, national, and international levels for playing key roles in advancing social science and addressing important societal issues.  FRED faculty and students actively contribute to cross-disciplinary research projects with natural scientists, engineers, communication specialists, and other applied scientists to investigate the sustainable management of ecological systems, including agricultural systems, fisheries, wildlife, and water resources.


Edward "Gilly" Evans (left), associate professor of agriculture economics, and Jonathan Crane, professor  of horticultural sciences, inspect Jatropha.
UF/IFAS Photo by Tyler Jones