Labor Economics

This research area focuses on supply and demand of labor services, personnel economics, distribution of income, unions and collective bargaining, applied and policy issues in labor economics, and labor markets and demographics. In Florida, seasonal field labor is particularly important to agricultural producers who depend on these workers to transplant, stake, tie, prune and finally harvest the season’s crops, making labor economics particularly important and relevant to the state.  ‌

Selected Recent Publications:

Onel, G. and B.K. Goodwin. 2014. Real Options Approach to Inter-Sectoral Migration of U.S. Farm Labor. American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 96(4): 1198-1219.

To learn more about active research projects, check the web-pages of the individual faculty members:

Farnsworth, Derek (labor economics, production economics, agribusiness marketing)
Onel, Gulcan (labor economics, econometric methods)
Roka, Fritz (production economics, labor economics)