Agricultural Production and Farm Management

This research area focuses on agricultural production, finance, and risk analysis with applications to management of a complex farm enterprises in a constantly changing environment of policies and regulations and varying consumer preferences. 

Selected Recent Publications:

Seale, J.L. Jr., E. Vorotnikova, and S. Asci. 2014. An Empirical Input Allocation Model for the Multiproduct Firm. Economics Letters, 124(3): 367-369.

Skevas, T., S.E. Stefanou, and A. Oude Lansink. 2014. Pesticide Use, Environmental Spillovers, and Efficiency: A Nonparametric Risk-adjusted Efficiency Approach Applied to Dutch Arable Farming. European Journal of Operational Research, 237(2): 658-664.

Vorotnikova, E., T. Borisova, and J. VanSickle. 2014. Evaluation of the Profitability of a New Precision Fungicide Application System for Strawberry Production. Agricultural Systems, 130: 77-88.

Moss C.B. 2010. Risk, Uncertainty And The Agricultural Firm. World Scientific Books, World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd..

Learn more by accessing web-pages of the individual faculty members:

Bachelor, Jane (agribusiness)
Clark, Jennifer (agribusiness)
Evans, Edward "Gilly" (farm economics, tropical fruits production)
Farnsworth, Derek (labor economics, production economics, agribusiness)
Guan, Zhengfei (strawberry and tomato production)
Khachatryan, Hayk (environmental horticulture)
Kropp, Jaclyn (agribusiness and finance)
Moss, Charles (agricultural production, policy, and risk analysis)
Roka, Fritz (citrus and tomato production)
Sandberg, Mikael (agribusiness)
Singerman, Ariel (citrus and blueberry production)
Spiro Stefanou (economic efficiency in agricultural production; econometric methods)
VanSickle, John (risk analysis, international trade, dairy and horticultural crops)
Weldon, Rick (farm management)