Regional Economics & Economic Impact Analysis

This research area is centered on evaluation of the economic impacts of various industries, specifically the agriculture, food and natural resource-related industries, on local and regional economies in Florida and the United States.

Research centers

Dr. Alan Hodges

 Economic Impact Analysis

Selected Recent Publications:

Hodges, A.W., T.J. Stevens, and A.F. Wysocki. 2014. Local and Regional Food Systems in Florida: Values and Economic Impacts. Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics, 46(2): 285-298.

Susaeta, A., G.F. Peter, A.W. Hodges, and D.R. Carter. 2014. Oleoresin Tapping of Planted Slash Pine (Pinus elliotti Engelm var. elliotti) Adds Value and Management Flexibility to Landowners in the Southern United States. Biomass and Bioenergy, 68: 55-61.

To learn more about active research projects, check the web-pages of the individual faculty members:

Clouser, Rod (land values, regional economic development, agricultural policy)
Hodges, Alan (economic impact analysis)