Research methods

FRED faculty members and students advance research methods needed for wise decision making in agribusiness, agricultural economics, and natural resource management.  The research methods are also applied to examine consumer behavior, environmental policy, trade issues, and global economy.

Selected Recent Publications:

Moss, C.B. 2014. Mathematical Statistics for Applied Econometrics. CRC Press.

Just, R.E., Hueth, D.L., and Schmitz, A. 2005. The Welfare Economics of Public Policy: A Practical Approach to Project and Policy Evaluation. Edward Elgar Publishing.

To learn more about active research projects, check the web-pages of the individual faculty members:

House, Lisa (survey research method, consumer behavior)
Larkin, Sherry (bioeconomic modelling)
Moss, Charles (financial risk, agricultural  production)
Onel, Gulcan (labor economics, econometric methods)
Schmitz, Andrew (welfare analysis of public policies)
Seale, James ( international trade, applied econometrics)
Spiro Stefanou (agricultural production and efficiency)