Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact my academic advisor?


Where is the Office of Undergraduate Programs located?

The office is located in 1170 McCarty Hall A.

What are the office hours for advising?


How often should I meet with my advisor?

You should meet with advisor at least once each semester.

Should I contact my advisor if I would like to dispute a grade?

In most cases, grade disputes are strictly handled between students and the instructor of record. The academic advisors can discuss the grade dispute process, but they cannot assist in disputing a grade on a student’s behalf.

Am I allowed to sign up for my own classes and make my own schedule?

For most classes, you can register on your own. However, it is strongly encouraged that you meet with your advisor to help you with scheduling classes. If you do not register for the appropriate sequence of courses, you may risk delaying graduation.

What are the chances of me being accepted into the program?

Admissions applications are handled by the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences Dean’s Office and unfortunately they are unable to provide this information.

When will I hear back about my application?

Decisions are typically sent to applicants within six weeks after the deadline.

What are the deadlines for transfer applications?

October 15 for Spring, February 1 for Summer A/C, and March 1 for Summer B and Fall terms.

Can I earn credit for an internship?

Yes, it may be possible for you to earn credit for an internship.  You need to get approval from the Student Services Coordinator and complete the internship packet.  Please visit the Undergraduate Internship page for more information.

What are the requirements for transfer admissions?

You need to complete Survey of Calculus (MAC2233), Principles of Macroeconomics (ECO2013), Intro to Statistics (STA2023), and Intro to Financial Accounting (ACG2021) with grades of “C” or better to be eligible for transfer admissions.