Many students find that adding a minor to their degree program greatly enhances their educational experience at the University of Florida and provides a way to differentiate themselves to potential employers.  Below you will find a list of minors commonly pursued by FRE students. Specific course information and minor requirements can be found in the UF Online Catalog

Agricultural and Natural Resource Law

A minor in agricultural law provides the academic foundation necessary for students to better understand the laws and regulations governing both production agriculture (farming) and agribusiness.

Agricultural and Natural Resource Ethics and Policy

This minor is available for students who wish either to (a) augment their technical background in the agricultural and resource-related disciplines with selected liberal arts and science and policy-related courses; or (b) augment their business, humanities, journalism or social sciences education with coursework that pertains to unique agricultural and natural resources issues and problems

International Humanitarian Assistance

The interdisciplinary minor in international humanitarian assistance, in conjunction with the successful completion of the degree program, provides UF students with foundational skills and knowledge necessary to contribute productively in nonprofit organizations, private businesses and the public sector.

Business Administration

The minor in Business Administration provides students with a background in corporate finance, management and marketing.  While much of the content in the minor courses is also covered in the required FRE course work, many students find the Business Administration minor complements their FRE degree and provides a competitive edge over other applicants in the job search process.