Zhengfei Guan

Assistant Professor, Agricultural Economics


Dr. Zhengfei Guan's research interests are in the areas of agricultural finance, production economics, and environmental economics.

His main research activities revolve around the theme of agents' response to the changing market, regulatory, and natural environments as well as the repercussions of their actions on the environments they operate in.

Dr. Guan's current research activities focus on:

  • producer behavior and decision making under risk and uncertainty;
  • covering decision areas in production, land use, investment, and technology adoption; and
  • the economic, environmental, and policy implications of those decisions.

Dr. Guan's other research interests include consumer behavior and preferences.


Dr. Guan's current research efforts concentrate on agribusiness decision-making and coping strategy under changing market and regulatory environments - with an emphasis on the fruit and vegetable industries.

Agribusiness decision-making involved risk and uncertainty and covers decisions in the following areas:

  • production
  • land use
  • investment
  • technology adoption
  • marketing


Dr. Guan's Extension program involves:

  • working with Extension faculty;
  • educating growers on management, market, and policy issues; and
  • informing policy makers of the industry needs.

Extension Publications