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Food and Resource Economics Department

Food and Resource Economics Department

Jennifer Clark

Senior Lecturer

Jennifer Clark is a Senior Lecturer of Food and Resource Economics (FRE) in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences at the University of Florida. She has a 100% teaching appointment currently focused on contemporary economic issues, human resources management, and economics of agribusiness decisions. She earned a BS in agribusiness marketing and management and MS in FRE from UF, and is currently a PhD candidate in Agricultural Operations Management. Ms. Clark is committed to a pedagogical approach for developing large online courses. She is currently conducting research on psychographic factors influencing student groups and their ability to meet learning objectives. She works with agricultural stakeholders to increase student knowledge of career opportunities throughout the industry. She has also mentored undergraduate students in national marketing management competitions (NAMA, ‘13- ‘16), student leadership projects (Ag-Econ Club, ’09 -‘15) and professional development (Produce Marketing Association’s “Career Pathways”, ‘14-‘20) programs. 

  • Teaching

    Courses Currently Taught

    • AEB 2014 Economic Issues, Food, and You (non-FRE majors)
    • AEB 4424 Human Resources Management in Agribusiness
    • AEB 5188 Economics of Agribusiness Decisions
    • AEB 5757 Strategic Agribusiness Human Resource Management
    • AEB 3103 Principles of Food and Resource Economics
    • AEB 3133 Principles of Agribusiness Management
    • AEB 3550 Agricultural Data Analysis in Food and Resource Economics
    • AEB 4334 Agricultural Price Analysis and Consumer Behavior
    • AEB 4380 Agricultural Marketing Strategies (NAMA)

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Jennifer Clark


1191 MCCB

  • Education
    • Ph.D Agricultural and Biological Engineering
      Major - Agricultural Operations Management, University of Florida (UF)  
      Anticipated 2021
    • M.S. Food and Resource Economics    University of Florida (UF)    2007
    • B.S. Agribusiness Marketing and Management    University of Florida (UF)    2004
  • Publications
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