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    Food and Resource Economics Department

    Food and Resource Economics Department

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Food and Resource Economics graduates are equipped to solve real-world business problems using economic reasoning and analyze complex situations such as the allocation of resources to meet the needs of people in their local community, state, nation, and the world. With a curriculum focused in management, marketing, sales, and finance graduates often are recruited for a wide variety of careers in a diverse range of industry fields. You are hiring a student who has not only received education in fields of topics related to economics, business, finance, and marketing, but one who has had hands on knowledge of these subjects in an natural resource agricultural focus.


  • CALS Career Expo

    The annual CALS Career Expo is held each spring semester for students with an interest in agriculture, life sciences, natural resources and related sciences. Companies, government organizations, graduate/professional programs and non-profits are invited to recruit CALS students.

    Email Cathy Carr to be added to the employer invitation list or visit for more information.

  • Internships and Job Postings

    Post Full-time or Internship Positions on Gator CareerLink. This database is maintained by the UF Career Connections Center and allows all UF students and alumni to access positions posted on this site. Employers have the option to select which majors can apply for particular positions.

  • Recruitment Visits
    • FRE Major Course Presentation – Visit current students in courses such as AEB3935 (Department Seminar for 1st semester juniors), AEB4138 and AEB425 (senior level major courses) Employer Campus Visit Request Form »
    • Workshop or Presentation at Ag. Econ. Club meeting – Meet with leaders in our department via engaging with our department’s agricultural economics club.
  • Learn What FRE is About on Social Media

Jess Herman, Graduate Advisor

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