Florida Agricultural Market Research Center

The Florida Agricultural Market Research Center is a research, development and education service offering professional assistance to agricultural, marine and agribusiness groups. The Center is an official unit of the Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences. It is headquartered at the University of Florida, in the Food and Resource Economics Department.


To foster growth of Agriculture and Agribusiness firms by strengthening and improving markets for Florida Agricultural and Marine products.


The Center works to solve current and emerging problems affecting Florida agricultural and marine industries. It is particularly concerned with timely, applied research to provide results useful in decision making and in formulating both short- and long-range operational policies. It's goals are to improve, develop and expand markets for food and agricultural products of interest to Florida. Increased marketing efficiency, improved product quality and greater variety in products and services benefit consumers as well.

Center professionals work on the specific problem presented by a group or organization. Those requesting this service defray direct costs of the project. Research, development and education projects are handled by a task force of specialists gathered to meet specific project needs. The full-time center staff includes professional marketing economists, a statistician, computer programmer and secretaries. Additional clerical assistance is added as required. Specialists from other IFAS and university units frequently are included on project work, as are non-university consultants if necessary.

Florida Agricultural Market Research Center