Christa Court

Assistant Scientist


Dr. Court holds a research and extension appointment and serves as Director of the UF program in Economic Impact Analysis and as an Assistant Scientist in the Food and Resource Economics Department at the University of Florida. Her research interests include regional economic modeling, the energy-water nexus, applied spatial econometrics, environmental accounting, and connections in human and natural systems.

Selected Work

(also appears as Christa D. Jensen)

Jensen, C. D., M. Munday, A. Roberts, and K. Turner, “Can hazardous waste supply chain 'hotspots' be identified using an input-output framework?”, European Journal of Operational Research, 241(1): 177-187 (2015).

Jackson, R. W., and C. D. Court, “Linking Environmental and Economic Frameworks to Model Technology Transitions,” in Handbook of Research Methods and Applications in Environmental Studies, Matthias Ruth (Ed), Edward Elgar. (2015).

Jackson, R. W., and C. D. Court, “Methods for Embedding New Technologies and Extending Time Horizons in Input-Output Analysis,” in Econometric Methods for Analyzing Economic Development, P.V. Schaeffer and E. Koussai (Eds), IGI Global: Hershey, PA. (2013).

Jensen, C. D., S. McIntyre, M. Munday, and K. Turner, “Responsibility for Regional Waste Generation: A Single Region Extended Input-Output Analysis with Uni-directional Trade Flows,” Regional Studies. 47(6): 913-933 (2013).

Court, C. D., “Enhancing U.S. Hazardous Waste Accounting through Economic Modeling,” Ecological Economics 83: 79-89 (2012).

Turner, K., M. Munday, C. D. Jensen, and S. McIntyre, “Incorporating Jurisdiction Issues into Regional Carbon Accounts Under Production and Consumption Accounting Principles,” Environment and Planning A 43(3): 722-741 (2011).

Works in Progress

“Examining Sub-national Hazardous Waste Flows in the UK”, Court, C. D.

“The Emerging Role of the Energy-Water Nexus in Regional Development”, Court, C. D.

“Toward Consistent Cross-Hauling Estimation for Input- Output Regionalization”. Court, C. D. and R. W. Jackson. Working Paper 2015-01. Regional Research Institute. West Virginia University.

“A Primer on the Use of Spatial Econometric Techniques in Applied Ecology” Court, C.D. and D. J. Lacombe.