Ariel Singerman

Assistant Professor, Field: Agricultural Economics

Dr. Ariel Singerman is an Assistant Professor and Extension Economist in the Food and Resource Economics Department at the University of Florida. Dr. Singerman holds a Ph.D. in economics from Iowa State University and his fields of interest include Agricultural Economics and Risk Management. Dr. Singerman's research is currently focused on analyzing the economic feasibility of management strategies aimed at mitigating risks and improving profitability in agricultural production; particularly for the case of citrus greening. 


Research Program

My research program complements my extension responsibilities. I am currently examining different economic aspects related to biotechnology as a way to deal with agricultural pests and disease, particularly for the case of citrus greening.

Citrus Greening

First found in Florida in 2005, citrus greening has spread rapidly across the state and has reached epidemic proportions. To date, there is neither a cure nor an economically viable option for managing citrus greening infected trees. My extension efforts are focused on issues related to production economics and risk management relative to citrus, and other specialty (alternative) crops. I develop tools and materials including websites, factsheets, and trade journal articles to improve economic decision-making for growers. I also work with multi-county agents, who help disseminate information to growers.

Dr. Ariel Singerman, Assistant Professor, Field: Agricultural Economics