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    Food and Resource Economics Department

    Food and Resource Economics Department


Undergrad Internship Program

The Food and Resource Economics Department encourages students to seek high-quality internships that are directly related to their academic major and career field. The work experience is conducted under approved business, industrial, institutional or governmental agency supervision, or other industries related to the Food and Resource Economics major. Intern positions are expected to enhance the student’s classroom experience and apply what is learned in the classroom.

Students and their Internship Supervisors are required to complete the internship application packet. This is now completed through DocuSign Powerforms. To begin the process, the student must begin the form and enter the information for themselves and their supervisor. Once both parties have completed the required information, the completed document will be sent to Danielle Shu, Academic Advisor and Instructor for AEB4941. Danielle will then enroll the student and email confirmation of enrollment to the student.

Applications MUST be submitted by the "Regular Registration Deadline" for each corresponding semester. This is typically the FRIDAY before each term's Drop/Add Period. You may find the full list of Dates and Deadlines for each semester here. Late applications are accepted on a case-by-case basis during the Drop/Add Period of the corresponding term but are not guaranteed. Note students enrolling after the regular registration period may be charged a "Late Registration Fee."

Throughout the semester, the student will be required to complete assignments that align with the internship experience. Several include interactions with their supervisor. During the last portion of the semester, students AND supervisors will be sent a DocuSign form to complete an evaluation. The Supervisor's evaluation will be shared with the student. The Student's evaluation may be shared with the supervisor with the student's permission. This must be completed by the LAST day of Class for the respective term.

NOTE: We DO NOT award retroactive credit. It is also suggested that students on F-1 Visas also work with the UF International Center to ensure all documents are submitted to avoid jeopardizing visa status. 

Application Due Dates*

*For the most up-to-date deadlines, please see UF's Dates and Deadlines for the corresponding semester


Summer A 2023

(First Half of the Summer Term) 

Summer C 2023

(FULL Summer Term) 


Summer B 2023

(Second Half of the Summer Term) 


Fall 2023
Spring 2024
Internship Application May 12th May 12th June 30th August 22nd January 5th
Supervisor Evaluation Form June 23rd August 11th August 11th December 6th  April 24th

  • Application Process
    1. Submit the AEB4941 Internship Application for approval to Danielle Shu by the posted due date.
    2. You will be enrolled in the Internship Course for the specified semester. Throughout the semester, please complete assignments corresponding to your internship on Canvas. You must complete all assignments to receive a Satisfactory Grade (S).
    3. Both the Student AND Supervisor will be required to submit an evaluation prior to the last day of class of the corresponding semester.
  • Credit

    Credit received for an internship is based on the number of contact hours worked in the internship:

    • 1 credit = 120 hours
    • 2 credits = 240 hours
    • 3 credits = 360 hours

    To receive credit, you must have the Food and Resource Economics Department advising staff register you. Tuition is charged for the number of credits that correspond with the number of hours your work.

    Please Note: Students who are currently working on Critical Tracking or on Academic Probation are not eligible for Internship Credit. Students also may only sign up for the internship for credit course ONCE (no matter the credits) unless approved by the department for additional internship credit.

  • Course Assignments
    1. Supervisor Meeting

      Meeting to be completed within the first two weeks of the internship. Used to clarify expectations and set SMART goals to benchmark throughout your internship. This meeting is typically completed one-on-one and is an open forum between you and the supervisor to ask questions and clarify details before the internship formally begins. The outcome will address any questions or confusion you may have and establish expectations of all parties including the amount of supervision throughout the internship. It is also used to help assist in the need to establish goals.

      This assignment requires that you meet with your supervisor. The outcome will result in a document of expectations of both parties and goals. You will submit this AND a guided reflection.
    2. Professional Identity Reflection

      To be completed earlier on in your internship (when you have completed about 1/4th of your internship hours). The assignment dives into what is composed in your
      Professional Identity and how you hope to develop specified skills throughout the internship. A portion of this assignment will also be checking in on how the
      internship experience is going.
    3. Midpoint Reflection

      To be completed around halfway through your internship experience. This will further dive and concentrate on thoughtful reflection on how your internship is going. In this reflection, you should be including details that you will want to remember to reflect back on when you complete your e-Portfolio. Including artifacts are helpful and will assist you in your later assignments.
    4. Industry & Competitor Research

      The purpose of the assignment is to familiarize yourself with the larger-scale industry in which your company is a competitor in. The assignment will focus on industry
      research as a whole as well as a specific competitor within the industry. Competitor awareness will allow you to further your knowledge of the industry and make
      you a more competitive job candidate. Please complete the Industry and Competitor Research Questionnaire for this assignment.
    5. Formal Evaluations

      Before submitting your e-Portfolio, you will want to engage in a formal evaluation meeting between you and your supervisor. 2 weeks prior to the conclusion of your internship OR the end of the semester (whichever happens first), a DocuSign document will be sent to you and the supervisor of record. Within two weeks, review the document, and sit down with your supervisor to discuss it. An evaluation of the supervisor will be sent to you to fill out (suggest filling this out prior to the meeting), and a student evaluation will be sent to the supervisor that is suggested to be completed during the meeting. After receiving these documents (automatically once completed), both documents will be uploaded to the assignment in Canvas as submission comments for the student's review.
    6. Final Project: ePortfolio

      Using the Canvas e-Portfolio tool (or another similar e-portfolio website), complete an in-depth portfolio of your internship experience. This should be used to showcase your growth throughout the internships and your accomplishments and reflection upon completion. Each portfolio is expected to include artifacts to enhance the portfolio. We hope upon finishing the portfolio that you would feel comfortable sharing this on social media such as LinkedIn to summarize your experience in a creative way.

      The number of artifacts required depends on the number of credits you are enrolled in. Though, we do encourage additional artifacts!

      1 creditMinimum of 3 Artifacts
      2 creditsMinimum of 5 Artifacts
      3 creditsMinimum of 8 Artifacts

      Where you place these artifacts is up to you, but should enhance the communication of your internship and paint a picture of your development and experience.

      The general organization of your portfolio should compose of at least 3 sections:

      Section 1: Reflection of the Internship
      Section 2: SMART Goal Evaluation
      Section 3: Evaluation of your Internship Experience

      Questions to assist in these sections will be provided.