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    Food and Resource Economics Department

    Food and Resource Economics Department

Economic Impact Analysis

Disaster Impact Analysis

Natural and human-induced disaster events can cause a variety of damages that result in economic losses to many segments of the economy. The EIAP is recognized as a reliable and unbiased source for timely provision of credible estimates of the agricultural losses associated with disaster events in Florida and also has expertise in assessing the economic losses associated with marine hazard events such as the Deepwater Horizon oil spill and harmful algal blooms as well as the COVID-19 pandemic. Information about current projects as well as recent EIAP reports and academic publications that employ general regional economic analysis methods can be found on this page. Data visualizations associated with several projects are also available on the EIAP Data Platform. Outputs from past project can be accessed via the EIAP Research Archive. 

  • Current Projects
  • Recent Program Reports

    Hurricane Idalia Damage Assessments, September 2023, Christa D. Court,  Xiaohui Qiao, Mengming Li, Kelsey McDaid

    Estimated Agricultural Losses Resulting from Hurricane Ian, February 2023, Christa D. Court, Xiaohui Qiao, Bijeta Bijen Saha, Fei He, Kelsey McDaid

    Preliminary Assessment of Agricultural Losses Resulting from Hurricane Ian, October 2022, Christa D. Court, Xiaohui Qiao, Bijeta Bijen Saha, Fei He, Kelsey McDaid

    Quantifying the Socio-economic Impacts of Harmful Algal Blooms in Southwest Florida in 2018, July 2021, Christa Court, Joao Ferreira, Andrew Ropicki, Xiaohui Qiao, Bijeta Saha.

    UF/IFAS FRE COVID19 Impacts Shellfish Aquaculture Report 2020, August 2020, Christa Court, Robert Botta, Leslie Sturmer, John Lai, Andrew Ropicki, Ed Camp.

    UF/IFAS FRE Report - Initial Briefing Hurricane Sally, September 2020, Christa D. Court, Joao-Pedro Ferreira, Eyrika Orlando, Xiaohui Qiao

    UF/IFAS County-Level Economic Losses for FL Ag Resulting from Hurricane Michael, November 2018, Christa D. Court, Alan W. Hodges, and Caleb A. Stair.

    UF/IFAS Report Economic Losses for Fl Ag from Hurricane Irma in Florida Counties, August 2018, Alan W. Hodges, Christa D. Court, Rodney L. Clouser, John J. Vansickle, and Spiro E. Stefanou

  • Recent Academic Publications

    Ferreira, J.P., Court, C. D., Basurto, E., & Pennington-Gray, L. (In Press). Using the 2016 Zika outbreak to estimate the potential tourism impacts of a Chikungunya event in Florida. Tourism Economics.

    Court, C.D., Outerbridge, D., Baker, L., Birou, L., Campbell, C.G., DiGiacomo, G., Galindo, S., Lai, J., Magnier, A., Miller, M., de la Oliveira, G., Orlando, E., Peterson, H.H., Qiao, X., Roka, F., Saha, B.B., Stevens, A.W., & Zhang, L. (2023). Pandemic Produce: Impacts of COVID-19 on Florida’s Fruit and Vegetable Industries. Journal of Agricultural and Food Industrial Organization, 21(1), 69-88

    Basurto, E., Pennington-Gray, L., Ferreira, J.P., & Court, C.D. (2023). Post-pandemic American Travelers’ Behavior given a Chikungunya Outbreak. International Journal of Travel Medicine and Global Health, 11(1), 202-209.

    Pennington-Gray, L., Basurto, E., Ferreira, J.P., and Court, C.D. (2023). Using a Delphi Technique to Determine the Likelihood and Tourism Impact of a Chikungunya Outbreak in the United States. Current Issues in Tourism. 26(21), 3439-3443.

    Ferreira, J.P., Saha, B.B., Carrera, G.C., Kim, J., & Court, C.D. (2023). Impacts of red tide in peer-to-peer accommodations: A multi-regional input-output model. Tourism Economics, 29(3), 812–834.

    Jiang, W., Wang, F., Zheng, X., Zheng, X., Qiao, X., Li, X., & Meng, Q. (2022). Toward Interoperable Multi-hazard Modeling: A Disaster Management System for Disaster Model Service Chain. International Journal of Disaster Risk Science. 13, 862 – 877.

    Outerbridge, D., Court, C.D., Birou, L., Campbell, C., Felter, L., Galindo, S., Hagen, J., Hickey, L., Jameson, M., Kirche, E., Magnier, A., Roka, F., & Hall-Scharf, B. (2022). Change and Innovation within Florida’s Localized and Regional Food System in Response to COVID-19. In L. Storti, G. Urso, and N. Reid (Eds.), Economies, Institutions, and Territories: Dissecting Nexuses in a Changing World. (pp. 31-53). Routledge. London, U.K.

    Court, C.D., Ferreira, J.P., Hewings, G.J.D., & Lahr, M. (2021). Accounting for global value chains: Rising global inequality in the wake of COVID-19? International Review of Applied Economics, 35(6), 813-831.

    Ferreira, J.P., Ramos, P., Barata, E., Court, C.D., & Cruz, L. (2021). The impact of COVID-19 on global value chains: Disruption in nonessential goods consumption. Regional Science Policy and Practice, Special Issue: Effects and Policies of COVID‐19, 13/S1, 32-54.

    Solo-Gabriele, H., Fiddaman, T., Mauritzen, C., Ainsworth, C., Abramson, D.M., Berenshtein, I., Chassignet, E.P., Chen, S.S., Comny, R.N., Court, C.D., Dewar, W.K., Farrington, J.W., Feldman, M., Ferguson, A.C., Fetherston-Resch, E., French-McCay, D., Hale, C., He, R., Kourafalou, V.H., . . . Yoskowitz, D. (2021). Towards Integrated Modeling of the Long-term Impacts of Oil Spills. Marine Policy, 131, 1-18.


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