Bachir Kassas

Assistant Professor, Food and Resource Economics Department

Bachir Kassas is an Assistant Professor at the Food and Resource Economics Department. His research is focused on applying experimental methods to study individual and consumer preferences. His research interests include consumer preferences and willingness-to-pay for credence attributes and healthy food products, preference elicitation mechanisms, individual health-related decision making, and prosocial preferences. He also works on utilizing biometric equipment including eye-tracking, facial expression analysis technology to assess emotions, and brain activity, to develop more refined behavioral models that can better explain individual preferences and consumer choice.

Bachir earned an M.S. in Economics and Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics from Texas A&M University. He was involved in the establishment and served as the manager of the Human Behavior Laboratory (HBL), which is one of the largest biometrics labs in the nation. He mentored several Ph.D. students on conducting experimental research and supervised several experimental studies for collaborating faculty from Marketing, Psychology, Education, and Public Policy.

His recent work addresses several aspects of individual and consumer behavior. He proposed a mechanism for enhancing the accuracy of willingness-to-pay estimates for market goods in second price auctions. He also developed a behavioral model to analyze income and relative return heterogeneity in voluntary contributions mechanisms, which he applied to provide useful insights on the behavior of different producers in voluntary generic advertising programs. In another project, he explained the way individuals interact with social norms in prosocial settings. He is currently working on constructing a behavioral model that can explain the main driving force behind consumer preferences for products that promote animal welfare. Bachir’s work is published in reputable field and general interest journals including the journal of economic behavior and organization, applied economics, the journal of behavioral and experimental economics, and the journal of choice modeling.


Professioinal Experience
2018 – Present   Assistant Professor, Food and Resource Economics Department
University of Florida
2015 – 2018 Laboratory Manager, The Human Behavior Lab (
Agricultural Economics Department, Texas A&M University
2016 – 2018 Research Assistant, Agricultural Economics Department
Texas A&M University, Dr. Marco A. Palma.
Summer 2017 Lecturer, Economics Department
Texas A&M University
2015 – 2016 Instructor for PhD Qualifier Exams, Agricultural Economics Department
Texas A&M University
2014 – 2015 Teaching Assistant, Agricultural Economics Department
Texas A&M University
2012 – 2014 Tutor, Center for Student Athlete Services
Texas A&M University


Research Interests

Experimental and Behavioral Economics, Consumer Behavior, Health-Related Behavior, Preference Elicitation Mechanisms, Social Preferences

  • Kassas, B., Palma, M.A., and Anderson, D.P. “Fine-Tuning Willingness-to-Pay Estimates in Second Price Auctions.” Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics (forthcoming)
  • Huseynov, S., B. Kassas, M.S. Segovia, and M.A. Palma. “Incorporating Biometric Data in Models of Consumer Choice.” Applied Economics (forthcoming)
  • Palma, M.A., Segovia, M.S., Kassas, B., Ribera, L.A., and Hall, C.R. “Self-Control: Knowledge or Perishable Resource?” Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 145, pp. 80-94, 2018
  • Kassas, B., Palma, M.A., and Zhang, Y. “The Role of Incentives on Preference Revelations in Auctions Versus Rankings.” The Journal of Choice Modeling, 20, pp. 73-85, 2016
Courses Taught:

AEB 3300, Agricultural Food Marketing (UF)

Econ 440, Experimental Economics (A&M)

Bachir Kassas, Assistant Professor, Food and Resource Economics Department